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35 Years! Still Queen’s Live Aid Show Is Greatest Of All Time

Queen live aid performance that happened 35 years ago is still the best performance ever.


  • Freddie Mercury, who was the lead vocalist from 1970 to 1991
  • John Deacon, who plays guitar and keyboard from 1971 to 1997
  • Brian May, who is a vocalist and play guitar and keyboard for the band from 1970 till now.
  • Roger Taylor, who plays drum and guitar from 1970 till now.


35 years 13 July 1985, the Wembley Stadium was the been staged for one of the biggest and largest live concerts ever been set.

Many performance were set by many Bands as Live Aid, U2, Sting, The Who, Dire Straits, Elton John, Elvis Costello, George Michael were those among who was performing in London on this big event.

Whereas Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Tom Petty were performing at State Philadelphia John F Kennedy Stadium as there American peer. But of all the top-quality performance on the show that day, there was overall concurrence that Queen’s Live Aid performance was the one that made the whole show with a tremendous performance were in their 21-minute act.


They had their song for them which was later the biggest hits of that season “Money for Nothing” also the song of the summer, where performer Dire Straits who had just performed it by summing up with name “Sultans of Swing.”

Their performance further followed by U2, who destroyed the atmosphere with a two-song that came to a climax with a 12-minute performance of Bad.

Though Queen knew that after them David Bowie, the first Who show since a lot of years of Elton John. Mercury was tremendous. He was wearing a white tight jeans, a white tank top showing off his chest and arms also he was wearing a band on his right bicep. The whole group had their costumes set and set also they did prove they do not want them.

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