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5 Times His Statements Became A Controversy


Mike Tyson is not just a name; it has become a brand in the boxing industry. Mike had a successful career when he used to fight inside the ring. But this man is not just famous for his punch inside the rings, but also his rants that he has said out of the ring.

Mike is also famous for his statements that he has given without considering its repercussions. The self-proclaimed baddest dude, Mike, has lived a colorful life, sometimes brights and sometimes dark.

He was famous not only for the number of heavyweight championships he had one but was also infamous for the molestation charges that were dropped on him. As mentioned above, Tyson has been passing comments on different celebrities and organizations, creating huge controversies.

Here in this article, we have bought five such controversial statements given by the heavyweight champion that create a storm in the industry and were the headlines in various media channels.

Mike Tyson’s 5 Bold Statements

1. Mike’s Statement Against Ali and Other Legends

Once Tyson proclaimed himself as the best fighter in the world and asked people to check his balance, those two did not believe this. He said that it was exciting that we put him in league with those famous fighters [Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson], but he has proved since his career he has surpassed them as far his popularity. He is the biggest fighter in the history of the sport.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

2. Tyson To A Female Journalist

Once Tyson was in an interview where his way of talking suddenly changed from polite to harsh. He said that there was no doubt he is going to win this fight, and he feels positive about winning this fight. He further said that he usually does not do interviews with women unless he has physical contact with them and then asked the lady not to talk anymore.

3. Tyson Being A Brain Surgeon

Tyson once said that he prefers hitting his opponents on the tip of the nose for the maximum damage. He said that he always tries to catch his opponents through the tip of their nose, and this he tries to push that bone into the brain for maximum damage.

4. Tyson Against Francois Botha

When asked how he feels before fighting Botha in a match, the pro-fighter said he thinks that he will have a bath in his blood after the match.

5. Tyson’s Rant Against Tyrell Biggs

Tyson once humiliated Tyrell after defeating him in a match. He said that he was hitting him continuously with a body punch and hurt him badly. He further said that Tyrell began crying and started making women gestures.


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