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Australian star Roger Ward to make Indian debut with ‘Thariode: The Lost City’

Aussie legend Roger Ward who played Captain Fifi Macaffee in Mad Max (1979), is making his Indian debut with upcoming movie ‘Thariode: The Lost City’.

The historical thriller film, which is being written and directed by Nirmal Baby Varghese, is based on this year’s documentary short, ‘Thariode’ by himself. The upcoming feature is a fictionalized account of the gold mining of Thariode, Wayanad, British India in the 19th century.

‘Thariode: The Lost City’ is an upcoming Indian period thriller film written and directed by Nirmal Baby Varghese based on his documentary film “Thariode. The movie tells the story of Australian geologist Smith who arrives at Thariode, British India for gold mining in the 19th century. The director has already revealed the major foreign cast of this movie. A number of international actors are on the cast list, including Bill Hutchens, Luing Andrews, Alexx O’Nell, Courtney Sanello, Amelie Leroy and Brendan Byrne.

Roger Ward

Bill Hutchens is best known for his roles in ‘The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)’, ‘The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)’, ‘Saint Dracula 3D’, ‘Your Flesh, Your Curse’ and ‘Run Away With Me’. Luing Andrews is known for his work in the movies – ‘Bronson’, ‘The oxford murders’, ‘The Heavy’, ‘Arthur Newman’ and more. Alexx O’Nell is well known to Indian audiences in films such as Urumi, Madrasapattinam and Main Aur Charles. Courtney Sanello has also acted in a lot of popular movies like ‘Bloom’, ‘Twisted Hibiscus’ and the blockbuster movie ‘John Wick’. Amelie Leroy is known for her work in the movies – ‘Dark Signal’, ‘The Lorelei’, ‘Abduction’ and ‘8ish’. Brendan Byrne has also acted in a lot of popular movies like ‘Superman Returns’, ‘Bleeding Steel’ and Aquaman.

No further details have been released on Roger Ward’s character. The Indian casting of this historical thriller is yet to be decided. The movie’s initial work is expected to begin in late 2022.

Recently, documentary Thariode entered the final round of the Best Trailer category at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival in Kosice, Slovak Republic.

Roger Ward is a legendary Australian actor, a pioneer of Australian film and television. Roger appeared in several classic films. He’s best known for his role Captain Fifi Macaffee in Mad Max (1979). In Mad Max he created the memorable “Fifi” the bald headed police hall captain, The Man From Hong Kong had him as the bumbling Aussie cop, Inspector Bob Taylor. In Stone he was the comedic biker perve, “Hooks”. Turkey Shoot saw him as “Ritter” the guard from hell and in Quigley Down Under he played Brophy, one of the outlaw gang. He was an Irish mounted cop in The Irishman and an all-singing, dancing pirate in The Pirate Movie. He played the long-running character “Weppo” the rock and rolling garbage collector in Number 96 and a boxer in Boys from the Bush and The Sullivans. At home on stage, television or films, Ward is one of the few actors bridging the gap into the Indi renaissance of the millennium. He has, during this period, featured or starred in Long Weekend, Bad Behaviour, Elimination Game, Death’s Waiting Room, Choir Girl, Debt Collector, Devils Detour, Boar and Faceless Man.


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