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Batman Begins: Ra’s al Ghul Death Theory Debunked via David S. Goyer


It’s been greater than a decade since Batman Begins, the primary installment in Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy, hit theaters. And yet, even after all this time, new information about the movie is still finding its way out of the Batcave and into the light of day. For example, screenwriter David S. Goyer has officially debunked a theory about a key Batman Begins character: Ra’s al Ghul (performed via Liam Neeson).

The crowd pleasing soundbite was once buried amidst the jam-packed and punctiliously entertaining chat Goyer had with Backstory Magazine as a part of the latter’s Comic-Con@Home panel, “The Art of Adaptating Comics to the Screen: David S. Goyer Q&A.” The matter of Ra’s al Ghul’s loss of life on the finish of Batman Begins kicked off when panel moderator, Backstory Magazine’s Jeff Goldsmith, requested Goyer whether or not there have been any demanding situations whilst writing Batman Begins. Goyer’s resolution is surely a wonder, no longer as a result of he cites a selected scene that gave him bother, however on account of the wider demanding situations he remembers.


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“I think my first conversation with Chris [Nolan] was when he was interested in doing an origin story. He was interested in telling a story that took place before Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham, so that was something that really excited me when we spoke. It’s funny. I think the thing that was the biggest opportunity and biggest challenge for Batman Begins was the same thing which was: The only reason Batman Begins happened was because the franchise had been ridden into the ground.”

Goyer continues, “There had been all of these attempts — I think the last Batman had come out eight years prior — and there had been all these attempts in the intervening years to do different versions of other Batman movies. Friends of mine had worked on some of these movies, from an early version of Batman v. Superman and I think an early version of Batman Beyond and there was another that did involve the Scarecrow. All these attempts and they each foundered. I think there was a realization at Warner Bros. at the time that they had to try something new. It was that opportunity that allowed us to do something new, which now doesn’t seem remarkable. But the remarkable thing was, ‘What if we just tell the story as if it were a real story and it didn’t take place with a kind of fictional, comic book world?’”

After Goyer highlights what he and Nolan had been up in opposition to whilst seeking to deliver a recent set of eyes to the sector of Batman, Goldsmith then brings up Ra’s al Ghul’s death scene in Batman Begins in an try to suss out whether or not there was once any goal to usher in one of those surreal, comedian book-y really feel to the scene. When requested if the instant the place Ra’s closes his eyes after preventing Batman at the runaway educate was once supposed to indicate or hearken again to the comedian e book canon of his immortality, Goyer remarked, “I think you’re reading far too into it. Certainly there was never any discussion that Chris or I had about that,” sooner than occurring to provide an explanation for:


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“But if you think about it, it was a fairly realistic approach. I think if you introduce something like the Lazarus Pit into that (I’m not saying you couldn’t tell a cool story with the Lazarus Pit; I think you could), I just don’t think that the Lazarus Pit would’ve gelled with that approach.”

Earlier within the Goyer/Backstory Magazine chat, Goldsmith asks Goyer in regards to the choice to incorporate and discover the period of time sooner than Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, a seven-year period of time which hadn’t been observed in motion pictures or TV sooner than that time. Goyer commented,


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“Well, I believe that whilst you’re adapting an excessively well known belongings, having an opening or lacking years is actually thrilling. There were some little makes an attempt in one of the comedian books to fill in that, however not anything that was once regarded as canon and surely not anything that were performed a lot in movie or tv. That’s thrilling as it’s a possibility to roughly colour throughout the traces — we all know [Bruce Wayne’s] folks are going to get shot in Crime Alley and you realize there’s a duration that’s a minimum of been tailored via Frank Miller when he [Bruce] returned to Gotham —  so you realize you’ve were given your A and your B, and also you’ve were given all of this unfastened runway in between. That’s thrilling as it’s a capability to stretch your wings creatively with out operating up in opposition to having to modify canon.

Goyer concluded, “When you’re dealing with a character as well known as Batman, where even the general public had some conceptions of his origin, it’s a really narrow tightrope that you have to walk, when you have to adhere to pre-existing canon.”

Check out David S. Goyer’s entire Comic-Con@Home panel with Backstory Magazine beneath. Get much more Comic-Con@Home updates proper right here.

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