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Best South Park Episodes: Top 10 from Fishsticks to Goobacks


It’s a little crazy that South Park has been on the air for over 20 years. The animated series debuted in 1997 on Comedy Central, a cable channel that few watched, but the series quickly became a nationwide sensation. Instead of fizzling out after a few years (thus bucking a TV trend), South Park has endured for two decades, largely thanks to creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Unlike most long-running TV series, Parker and Stone have always served as the show’s executive producers and showrunners. They’ve made movies and a Tony-winning Broadway musical in between, but every year they return to spearhead and craft all new episodes of South Park, maintaining the show’s biting wit, social commentary, and most of all no-holds-barred humor.

With 307 episodes in total (almost all of which are now on HBO Max), there are undoubtedly some bad episodes of South Park, but there are far more good ones. Indeed, there are so many great episodes of this show that narrowing it down to a Top 10 is a near impossible task. I’ve done my best, looking for the 10 episodes that best encapsulate South Park at peak performance, be it sharp commentary or ridiculous humor (also noting: so far). As with every subjective list, yours will no doubt be different than mine, but here is a start that showcases some of the show’s greatest moments:

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