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Bill Murray to Voice Stray Dog in Bum’s Rush Opposite Anne Hathaway


Bill Murray famously, or perhaps infamously, voiced Garfield the cat on the big screen, but he must love dogs. Not only did he voice Boss in Wes Anderson‘s animated movie Isle of Dogs, but he’s now attached to voice a stray dog named Bum in Bum’s Rush, a live-action film that will — naturally — pair him with Oscar winners Anne Hathaway and Robert Duvall. And yes, in case you were wondering, this project will be sold at the Cannes virtual market, where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that treasure is unwatchable but it can still buy you a new yacht!

Oscar winner Aaron Schneider is directing from a script by C. Gaby Mitchell (Blood Diamond), who will produce with Sarah Green. Schneider previously worked with Murray and Duvall on Get Low, the modest 2009 film that, a decade later, led to him directing Tom Hanks in the WWII battleship movie Greyhound, which Apple recently bought off Sony for a cool $70 million. Apologies for not being in a rush to describe Bum’s Rush, but you’ll understand in a second.


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Per Deadline, which broke the news, the story follows Pearl (Hathaway), a highly-skilled custom boot maker, who crosses paths with a stray dog named Bum — voiced by Murray — and these two independent souls find themselves at a serious crossroads, one that will change both their hearts and minds in ways they can hardly imagine.

I mean, as if that treacly logline didn’t make you gag, did Hathaway really have to be a “highly-skilled custom boot maker?” What if she wasn’t highly-skilled, but kept making custom boots that sucked? I’m sorry, but I expected a little more from the writer of Blood Diamond, though it’s entirely possible that this dog movie will shatter my soul and move me to tears. After all, I’m a sucker for a good pet movie… even if there are way too many of them these days. At the rate Hollywood is churning these things out, maybe movie theaters will just reopen by playing cat screensavers? All I know is, Hathaway deserves better than this, and if Duvall voices an animal in this movie, I am going to lose my damn mind.


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“I am so happy to reunite with my Get Low collaborators Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and C. Gaby Mitchell, and of course delighted to work with Anne Hathaway and Sarah Green. It’s a very special project and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” Schneider told Deadline.

“We are all dog lovers on this team, and now more than ever we appreciate their value in our lives. We are excited to join forces with Rocket Science and CAA to bring this timely story to the world,” producers Green and Mitchell added in a joint statement.

Bum’s Rush is slated to shoot on location in Santa Barbara and New Mexico, though there’s no telling where in the world Murray will record his lines from. For more on Murray, including his possible return in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, click here.

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