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BoJack Horseman: Season 7 Possibilities Revealed?

BoJack Horseman, the adult animated series on Netflix. One of the originals from Netflix that premiered back in 2014. As the creator of the show, Bob Waksberg says, Netflix was different back then. Well, Netflix was indeed different back then, earlier the content of the show had certain weightage in taking decisions now, it is just the numbers game. However, Although the creator of the show thinks there should be another season, Netflix has called it done for BoJack Horseman with the sixth season being its final season. The final season aired on 31 January 2020.

Well, the seventh season is definitely possible, as long as the creator sides with it, it is possible. However, will it happen or not is totally a different question. That can only be decided by Netflix and only Netflix.

Bob Waksberg says BoJack Horseman might not be something like friends that fired up the audience and became the best but it still has its own importance. It is important because people can relate to it, as a fan says, it helped him to articulate a feeling that he knew was there but couldn’t express.

Bob sure knows what he wants to do with the seventh season. He thinks that giving BoJack another chance to BoJack is certainly due. Moreover, he also doesn’t wish for it to be renewed right away instead think that it would be better if BoJack was rebooted after years for the seventh season.

Well, that’s what Bob thinks. Renewing the show is still Netflix’s business and we know that’s not gonna happen unless the numbers say for it. So, if you want to see another season of BoJack Horseman then demand it. Perhaps Netflix listens to your demand and revives the show. Who knows when their minds could change?

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