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Chris Evans And Lily James? Couple Alert? Here’s What We Know


Chris Evans, Captain America found his love again! Several photos were taken in London where actor Chris Evans and actress Lily James are seen together sparked a wave of rumors about them being in a relationship.

New couple alert! A new romance in Hollywood

Rumors suggest that Chris Evans, famous for playing Captain America in the Avengers, might be in a relationship with a well-known actress.

According to the reports, Evans was seen last weekend walking through Mark’s Club in London with Mamma Mia actress Lily James.

Chris Evans is known to live in Los Angeles, the United States, and Lily James in London, so Captain America has likely traveled across an entire continent to meet the actress.

The Dating Night Of Evans And James

As per the reports by various media, Evans and James went to an exclusive nightclub together. Then they left the nightclub after 1 AM is and then took a taxi together and arrived at the luxurious Corinthia Hotel, located in Westminster, London.

Although they tried to escape from the photographers, Chris was seen getting out of the taxi alone and walking through the front door, while Lily entered from the back of the hotel.

The American actor wore an elegant black suit while she was seen wearing a red dress.

Former Relationships Of The Rumoured Couple

Currently, both Chris Evans (39 years) and Lily James (31) are reportedly single.

The last serious relationship that Chris has been known was with Jenny Slate. Unfortunately, they got separated 2 years back in 2018.

And if we talk about Lily’s, her last relationship was with Matt Smith, which ended last year in December 2019.

So far neither the Chris nor the Lily has commented on the rumors. However, the photos of the two when together have become a public discussion.


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