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Complete Soundtrack Of The New Charlize Theron Netflix Movie


We’re glad to tell you that The Old Guard is now available and is streaming on Netflix. The soundtrack is a complete pack of moody battle music. Which means the soundtrack is a collection consisting of atmospheric electro compositions. And also for the movie’s benefit, it’s most thrilling sequences are not overridden by the music.

The Old Guard Movie:

Gina Prince- Bythewood directs the American film The Old Guard. The film is based on Greg Rucka’s comic book, which has the same name. Greg Rucka also writes the film. The Old Guard is a movie that is about a team of ancient warriors. They possessed supernatural powers.

These warriors were involved in various events of history for thousands of years, which are led by Andromache of Scythia who is also known as Andy. After completing two hundred years of doing his work entirely on his own, the Old Guard happens to realize that a U. S. Marine named Nile Freeman was resurrected after he got killed. The crew helps the soldier and sends her into a new world of bravery.

The Old Guard Complete Soundtrack Listing:

The Old Guard Soundtrack Tracklist | Netflix' The Old Guard (2020 ...
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The hit movie of Netflix The Old Guard’s soundtrack of complete action-focused battle music is now being streamed. We have brought a complete soundtrack breakdown for all the fans. Here is the original soundtrack list for the movie:

  1. The Old Guard
  2. A New Mission
  3. Hotel
  4. Rejuvenation
  5. Nile
  6. Double Bubble
  7. Nile’s Rejuvenation
  8. Andy’s Mission
  9. Caught
  10. The Iron Maiden
  11. Little Permissions
  12. Drive to the mine
  13. They grow old
  14. Love that’s lost
  15. What if we don’t live forever?
  16. Montenegro
  17. Traitor
  18. What we leave behind
  19. Skybridge
  20. We won’t give up
  21. I always go first
  22. The Old Guard Attacks
  23. You are going to help us

Here is The Old Guard ‘s every featured song listing:

  • Born Alone, Die Alone -which is composed by Madalen Duke.
  • Keep This Between Us – composed by Krtas Nssa
  • Godspeed -written by Frank Ocean
  • Put You On- written by Kierra Love
  • Say your prayers – produced by Blithe
  • Nobody Knew produced by Chaii
  • The World We’ve Made-composed by Ruelle
  • Silence- composed by Marshmello featuring Khalid
  • Going Down Fighting- written by Andrea Wasse X Phlotilla
  • Cruel Would composed by Active Child
  • Baby Outlaw – composed by Elle King.


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