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Constantine Post Credits Scene Explained by way of Filmmakers

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Constantine.]

In the 2008 movie Iron Man, filmmakers Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige and actors Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. modified cinema without end with post-credits scene hinting at an expanded universe. Except… 3 years previous, Francis LawrenceAkiva GoldsmanKeanu Reeves, and a devilishly angelic Shia LaBeouf had already performed it on the finish of Constantine. Sorry, Nick Fury, ya too sluggish!

In birthday party of the horror-tinged superhero movie’s 15th anniversary, Collider’s very personal Steve Weintraub interviewed the director Lawrence, the manufacturer Goldsman, and the celebrity Reeves for a distinct Comic-Con@Home panel. He requested the dream crew what the method used to be for cultivating this Constantine post-credits stinger, which comes to Reeves visiting a slain LaBeouf’s grave, best to find him emerging from the depths of demise, sprout angelic wings, and fly the heck into the sky. Lawrence published that the speculation got here from Goldsman:


Image by means of Warner Bros.

“And that used to be now not a part of our preliminary shoot, it wasn’t a part of our preliminary images. After we had that screening of that sizzle reel, and we were given the studio [Warner Bros.] actually excited, Akiva and I more or less went again to them and stated, ‘Hey guys, now that you’re excited, there’s a few different issues we need to do. I’d actually like to reshoot this membership series, and we’d actually like to do this factor on the finish. After the credit, Akiva has this concept.’ And they stated, ‘Great, go ahead.’ And they gave us a tight sum of money to head get further pictures. But that used to be Akiva’s concept.


Image by means of WB

Goldsman defined that “there’s not a lot of explanation about” the destiny of LaBeouf’s personality Chas within the movie; his demise used to be filmed with planned ambiguity. “So it was a way of closing that story, opening up other stories should we ever have gotten to do them, in a sort of way that made sense to us [and] was relatively oblique compared to how things are typically laid out. But it was fun.”

The time has come, Hollywood. The time has come for a Constantine Cinematic Universe starring LaBeouf as a rattling angel flying internationally and fixing Hell-crimes! I will get you a draft by way of subsequent Tuesday.

Check out the post-credits interview clip under, and click on right here to observe the total Constantine 15th anniversary panel. For extra at the energy of Keanu, right here’s his pleasant sounding comedian e book.

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