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Cursed Creators Explain Morgana’s Dark Transformation & That Ending

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of Cursed, “Sacrifice.”]

Hollywood has attempted again and again to get audiences to shop for into new variations of Arthurian Legend. While revisionist takes at the vintage literature were the entire rage in books for so long as I will consider, maximum cinematic takes at the subject material fall flat with audience. But no longer Netflix’s Cursed, the brand new myth sequence created by means of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, which reframes the acquainted myths during the viewpoint of Nimue, the fey woman destined to grow to be the Lady of the Lake.

The 10-episode authentic sequence has been topping Netflix’s Top 10 charts because it debuted and for the primary time in a very long time, audiences are embracing the legends of King Arthur. Well, roughly, as a result of once more, this ain’t truly Arthur’s display — in reality, the Arthur we meet (performed by means of Devon Terrell) is a self-centered mercenary who’s leaps and boundaries clear of changing into the Once and Future King. But that’s no longer the one giant transfer. Miller and Wheeler have put their stamp on the entire acquainted characters; Percival is a scrappy child who is going by means of “Squirrel,” Guinevere is a Viking warrior who is going by means of “The Red Spear,” and Lancelot used to be one of the vital first season’s primary antagonists, the fey-hunting Weeping Monk.


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And oh boy, did they’ve some a laugh with Morgana; the tough sorceress who assumes the principle villain position in lots of the nice Arthurian texts. So naturally, the Morgana we meet isn’t as regards to the nicest individual at the display, she’s a devoted nun and freedom fighter who turns into one in all Nimue’s easiest pals and allies. Played by means of Shalom Brune-Franklin, Morgana is first presented as Igraine (historically the identify of Arthur’s mom) and in fast succession, we be told that her actual identify is Morgana, she’s Arthur’s sister, and he or she’s by no means what you’re most likely anticipating.

Ahead of the sequence’ premiere, I had the chance to talk with Franklin about her take at the iconic persona. “When I read the episodes, I thought this woman is so nice. Like she is lovely. She’s trying her best. She’s lost a lot in her life and she’s really trying to figure it out and she’s trying to just do her best. It’s a woman just really trying,” Franklin stated. Which left her unsure of find out how to play some scenes; must she trace to the darkness we think in Morgana, or play it directly? But after conversations with Wheeler, she learned she had to stay Morgana natural at first and paintings from there.

“Which is really exciting because you get to watch someone’s descent rather than just see them at straightaway being bad.” Franklin persevered. “And who knows, she might not even turn evil in our series. You never know. I mean, everything else has been flipped on its head, right? So she could actually end up becoming a saint.”

It’s indubitably imaginable, but it surely doesn’t appear most likely given what Morgana is going thru within the first season. Morgana leaves her abbey to lend a hand the fey of their resistance simply ahead of Sister Iris (Emily Coates) burns it to the bottom — a call that saves her lifestyles, however leaves her plagued with guilt that she wasn’t there to offer protection to her sisters, particularly her loved Celia (Sophie Harkness). But, after all, on the planet of Cursed. “Death is not the end.”


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Celia quickly returns to Morgana, however as a specter who involves her on behalf of The Cailleach, a formidable and mysterious presence from past the grave that provides Morgana the power to look past the veil, as a way to talk — a capability that will probably be a very powerful in the second one part of the season.

For Franklin, the devastation and confusion of dropping Celia handiest to be reunited together with her below such bizarre, tragic instances mark a pivotal turning level in Morgana’s adventure. She defined to Collider that:

“I definitely think the loss of Celia is the straw that breaks the camel’s back in a way. I think we see this woman, she obviously lost her father at a young age. Her mother is never spoken about. She’s obviously in some ways lost her brother after as well. She loses Abbess Nora. She loses all these people, but I think she’s afraid to love to be honest. She’s afraid because every single time she puts the love in somebody, they end up going, they end up dying in these horrific ways. And so I definitely think the turning point for me though, as an actor, especially, was that moment in the cave with Celia, with the spider, because it’s this idea of there’s now something else at play within her.”

Whatever covenant Morgana makes with The Cailleach, it in the end has massive ramifications for her, as a result of when The Widow comes creeping round Nimue, Morgana can see her. The Widow warns Morgana that by means of creating a care for The Cailleach, she has grow to be “cursed by dark gods” and makes use of her powers to position Morgana in her position when she tries to press her for solutions. However, the following time they meet, Morgana is wearing the Sword of Power, and it sort of feels to make the entire distinction.

We don’t know precisely what occurs or how since the scene cuts to a snappy animated transition in their altercation, however what’s transparent is that Morgana makes use of the sword towards The Widow, and in doing so, she turns into her. There’s additionally no obtrusive parallel to The Widow within the Arthurian texts from which we will be able to draw clues.


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Wheeler defined how The Widow represents their strategy to reinventing the ones legends with a focal point at the magical components of the sector.

“In some cases, we are going to be filling out the world of magic, which always exists in Arthurian world, but is not always defined through characters. You have Morgana, you have Merlin, but it feels like because we’re approaching this from the world of the Fey and through Arthurian eyes, we have an obligation to fill out that world. So in some cases, there are characters that are new or feel new, or will continue to be revealed over time. There’s a wealth of characters to draw from here. So we haven’t unleashed all the reveals as yet in the first 10 hours.”

“It felt like Merlin needed a friend and who better than some form of death… Just take the last few words he said, and that’s his full answer,” Miller joked. “It does seem like Merlin needed a friend and Death is a pretty good one. All of the stuff before that didn’t mean anything.”

If we will be able to’t be told extra about The Widow during the vintage literature, is there extra we will be able to be told from Wheeler and Miller’s graphic novel that impressed the sequence? Well, a bit of. The Widow is a way smaller persona there, showing handiest a few occasions and handiest to Merlin. Morgana (or Morgan, as the nature is known as within the e-book) altogether has an attractive other advent and adventure that doesn’t but come with The Widow. But there’s one passage of notice that is helping us additional perceive the nature, and thematically ties into Morgana’s grief over dropping Celia within the Netflix sequence:

“The Widow was forever waiting for her husband to return from sea. Her sorrow was so powerful it had kept her alive far longer than any human lifespan and had bestowed upon her the gift to bridge worlds and earn her place as the Shadow Lord of the Dying.”


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We won’t know precisely how, however the sequence makes it transparent that Morgana has assumed The Widow’s position as Shadow Lord of the Dying. The subsequent time we see Morgana, she is draped in The Widow’s veils, commanding energy she does no longer perceive. For Franklin, the confusion used to be the important thing to her portrayal of Morgana after she turns into The Widow.

” I truly sought after her confusion and her concern to return throughout in that. And so for me, it’s roughly ironic as a result of I sought after the least assured Morgana to be in that gown as that individual, as a result of I believe she’s so sturdy all the way through the entire sequence and he or she begins at her most powerful at first and I sought after it to move… And so by the point we get to the widow, it’s like, does she even know who she is anymore? What’s happening? Does she even know what she desires? So I truly hope that that comes throughout on the finish.


And everybody’s asking her most of these questions and Nimue’s like, ‘What’s happening?’ And she’s similar to, ‘I thought I wanted magical powers and now I’m truly at a loss for words by means of all of this. And I in spite of everything know the way tough it’s to be to your sneakers as a result of it sort of feels really easy from the out of doors to be like, simply use your whole powers Nimue and pass kill all of them. Take the sword, pass out of doors, simply put it up within the air, do what it does, make the entire wooded area, simply kill everybody. Just you be the only true queen, it’s that straightforward.’ But it’s truly no longer and I believe we begin to see the ones nuances play on the finish, which is truly nice.”


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That confusion in the end prices her the risk to avoid wasting but some other of her family members. She’s in a position to wield her powers and provides Nimue again the Sword of Power in time to defeat the Red Paladins. But she and Merlin alike are helpless to prevent Nimue’s obvious loss of life on the finish of the finale, even if they each are aware of it’s coming. Yet once more, any individual Morgana loves meets a sad destiny when Nimue is shot down by means of Sister Iris. Franklin defined:

“I believed such a lot about this within the lead as much as capturing that scene on account of the way in which that Tom had created the scene. It used to be roughly like she used to be a spectator on this second. And once she sees Iris, it’s like whole surprise. It’s like her complete frame is close down and he or she doesn’t pass to lend a hand. It’s that combat or flight second and he or she totally flies in different places. And I believe there’s a component we have now to bear in mind, there’s such a lot taking place to this lady this is otherworldly, that’s what we don’t perceive simply but, that I believe she’s at a loss for words at what she’s seeing. Is it even actual? Is this truly taking place? And so there’s such a lot happening that it paralyzes her, fairly actually.


That’s going to be truly fascinating to look how that’s picked up, as it’s that sense of… there’s such a lot guilt and disgrace hooked up to the Celia loss of life as a result of she’s like, ‘I wasn’t there to offer protection to her.’ And then she used to be proper there to offer protection to Nimue and but she couldn’t. And so it’s the primary time we see Morgana no longer combat and so I to find that truly attention-grabbing relating to proceeding and what would occur.”


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As for what occurs subsequent, Wheeler and Miller have showed that they’re making plans extra for Cursed (despite the fact that the sequence has no longer formally been renewed for Season 2 but). On the subject of Nimue’s destiny, there’s handiest the slightest trace within the e-book, which [spoiler warning] ends with Nimue awakening to be carried off by means of a mob of lepers, probably main her to the Leper King.

But what of Morgana? For Franklin’s phase, she hopes that long term installments will dig into the numerous literary precedents for the bond between Merlin and Morganna. “I think the relationship between Morgana and Merlin, that kind of partnership, I really would love to see if that comes into fruition in our series,” she stated. “Just because I think there’s such an epic partnership in all the tales. And so there are so many different ways that it goes in all the different versions of the myths and legends as well.”  And because the actress identified, the finishing does tee up that risk. “It’s pretty good that they end up together at the end.”

For Miller and Wheeler’s phase, they had been clearly tight-lipped about what may lay forward for Morgana, however Wheeler left us with this tease:

“She has a long journey to go on and we’ll see that it’s not unlike Nimue’s journey in a way, and they’re close friends. People might think they know where it’s going, but we want to keep everyone on their toes as long as possible. But I see Morgana as very heroic and very justified in her feelings … They share similar motivations, but at some point, how pure to the cause are you going to remain? And she’s not a character that likes compromise, so that might get messy down the line.”

For extra on Cursed, be certain that to take a look at our interview with Arthur himself, Devon Terrell.

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