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Cursed Review and Ending Explained

Cursed is a fantasy drama which has been created by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. The story revolves around Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, played by Katherine Langford. The young girl takes it upon herself to save her people. She takes on all her responsibilities and rises above them hereby earning loyalty and trust of those who once shamed her.

Cursed Review

Cursed starts on a rather slow pace and doesn’t not catch the attention of the viewer. The series manages to establish itself as the episodes go by but the initial episodes are strong enough to maintain the audience’s attention.

The storytelling technique is unique and manages to do a good job but the initial awkward performances are what turn you down. Very easily comparisons are drawn between Cursed and Game of Thrones owing to their historical background. But these comparisons are unfair as Game of Thrones was created on a different level. Cursed lacks the attention to intricacies which GOT had and this downplays the series.

The Arthurian myth although retold a number of times there is always an angle that remains unsaid. This time around Netflix brings to light a new side of the story. Cursed is a fantasy drama which has been created by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. The story revolves around Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, played by Katherine Langford.

In the myth the Lady of the Lake gives King Arthur his famous blade Excalibur. A small role to play yet made a huge impact on the story. This adaptation revolves around the Lady of the Lake. Nimue is a trouble young Fae woman. Her peers fear her and she is left alone after a childhood accident gave her uncontrollable powers which are strange. But when a religious crusade begins a bloodbath on the magical community, it is upto Nimue to build up an army of allies so that she can battle her enemies and deliver the Excalibur to Merlin.

Cursed Ending Explained

Nimue sees no other option other than surrendering to the demands of the King. In exchange for herself and the sword, she demands ships to take her people to the other side of the sea, where they can create a new world for themselves without the fear of persecution by the Church. Uther fulfills her demands.

Merlin had earlier made a pact with Cumber for the sake of Nimue’s safety and substantial proof to prove his legitimacy to the throne. He realizes that the King has no intention of keeping his end of the pact and warns his daughter about the impending danger. He is attacked by an assassin sent by Rugen. Although he manages to kills his attacker he gets severely injured.

Cumber now is able to make a pact with the Church and demands the sword in exchange of Nimue. Uther has sent ships to Arthur. The Fey and Arthur board these ships while Cumber’s army attacks them hereby killing a lot of men. The Red Spear, Cumber’s enemies step in. The battle comes to an end with an allegiance between Arthur, Fey and the Red Spear.

Nimue leaves the sword with Morgana but gives herself to Uther at his camp. She is adamant about the release of Gawain and Squirrel, to which Uther gives his word to give it a thought. Gawain although released cannot make it alive and succumbs to his wounds. Nimue’s magic does not work to heal him. She is then taken by the Red Paladin but is saved in the nick of time by Morgana. Together, they find Merlin. Morgana now has the power of the Widow.

Iris strikes and gets Nimue with two arrows. As a result the Fey Queen falls down the waterfall leading to her death. Merlin is enraged and his anger comes gushing towards Iris and the Paladins. He has managed to wield the sword and disappears with it as well as Morgana.

Weeping Monk has his own set of issues and an identity crisis adds to his troubles. He is actually one of the Fey but was brought up as per the faith of the Church. There is an issue of conflict when he finds out that the Paladins are going to torture Squirrel and he cannot help but disagree. This case is specifically against the Monk’s code of never hurting children. He betrays the Paladins to save Squirrel. Closure comes when they both run away and the Monk revealed his real name to be Lancelot.

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