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Dakota Johnson Is Bisexual! Twitterazis Think So!

Dakota Johnson, the star from the movie series Fifty Shades. Starting her career with minor roles in films like The Social Network and 21 Jump Street, Dakota has made quite a big name for herself now. Well, with every big name comes along its controversies. However, I wouldn’t say that Dakota’s sexuality is a controversy, it is more like is she or is she not.

In this time of isolation, several old videos, posts, and interviews have resurfaced on the internet. Interestingly, an interview with Dakota Johnson also went viral on Twitter. According to that interview, the Twitterazis are deriving that Dakota John is bisexual. So, is she? Let us look for the credibility of that information.

   Source: @bestsapphics (twitter)

The above image is a statement from Dakota from the interview back in 2017. Twitter is flooding with the chat about that statement of hers along with another statement, the following one.


Source: @bestsapphics (twitter)

Through the above statements, though she is not declaring that she likes women also but it sure points towards it. What I can decipher from that is she is somewhat attracted to women but is not sure about it. She says that by proxy she has been experiencing, young women, coming to terms with their own sexuality. Somewhere it all adds up and makes sense. However, Dakota never confirmed if she was bisexual, perhaps this time after being in talks she says something on it. She sure is a viral thing on twitter right now.


Now that we look at it, Dakota and Cara Delevinge were in fact, rumored to have been dating back in 2016.

Back in 2016, the two were seen spending a lot of time together. Twitter has also been talking about that relationship recently.

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