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DeejayKnight and His Positive Message | Collider’s Streamer of the Month


More people than ever before are broadcasting their gameplay, showing off their hobbies, and polishing their conversation skills by interacting with millions of people from all over the world. But with so many streamers, gamers, and content creators sharing their stories on the Internet, it starts to feel a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you follow? Who’s doing something unique, interesting, and meaningful on all of the many streaming platforms?

That’s where Collider’s Streamer of the Month comes in! In this new series, we aim to highlight streamers from all walks of life and all over the world in order to bring your attention to folks you might otherwise have missed. Up-and-coming gamers, innovators, and trailblazers will be featured here, but let us know if there’s someone out there we should be watching. Who knows, you might just see them featured here in the future!


Image via @DeejayKnight

To kick things off, our first-ever Streamer of the Month is @DeejayKnight, a Twitch partner and stage/show host with a passion for all things S.T.E.A.M. and a positive approach to life that will immediately make you feel at home in his community. During his streams, @DeejayKnight shares his experiences from his time in the U.S. Air Force, his love for science-fiction, and his beaming smile and hearty laugh, all part of the engaging community and viewer experience that he’s been able to craft. (You will also likely hear a lot about his plans for his new fish tank.) You’ll know within minutes if this channel is for you, but here’s what I saw over the last few weeks:

June was a pretty wild month for everyone, @DeejayKnight included. My first introduction to him came about in his appearance on Dropped Frames. The weekly Twitch-gaming talk show normally covers the co-hosts’ games they played during the week, new gaming news, and other highlights, but this conversation was decidedly different. @DeejayKnight was invited onto the show for a discussion about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and I’m happy to say I learned a thing or two from the conversation:

Additionally, @DeejayKnight and his community put their money where their mouths are, raising more than $10,000 for the Minnesota Freedom Fund and recently meeting their goal of $10,000 for the Chicago Community Bond Fund. @DeejayKnight continues to be a positive voice for change for not just the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but for the #MeToo movement as well. But while all of this social change and conversational efforts towards progress is obviously important, it’s also important to mention that @DeejayKnight puts on a hell of an entertaining show at the same time.

In another Dropped Frames appearance during a presentation showing off newly released titles, @DeejayKnight dropped some impressive video game insight and knowledge that really added to the conversation; I wouldn’t be mad to see him as a recurring guest on the show. I was also happy to see a unique pro-science game on his channel. He streamed Beyond Blue, a game that allowed players to explore the depths of the world’s oceans and then hear from the actual scientists who do similar research in the real world; cool stuff, and it fits right in with the channel’s pro-S.T.E.A.M. aesthetic. Boosting his sci-fi cred further, @DeejayKnight also leads the Knight Corps, which is not only his Discord channel but a deeply invested Star Citizen community. Plus, he rocks some of the most stylish gaming glasses I’ve ever seen.


Image via @DeejayKnight

June also saw plenty of milestones for the streamer, including hitting new sub goals and getting that vaunted Twitter Verified checkmark, but the sky’s the limit for @DeejayKnight in the weeks, months, and years ahead. We’re proud to feature him as our first Streamer of the Month!

Be sure to follow along with @DeejayKnight’s channels here:

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