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Demi Lovato’s Tribute To Naya Rivera Is Heart-Melting

For the past six days, Glee artists have been deserted after 33 years of the river, which had disappeared during a trip to Lake Piru, California. Investigators found Singer’s body near the surface of the water in the northeast part of the lake, ending a search that saw helicopters, boats, divers, and dogs ripping through the lake in search of stars.

Heart-Melting Tribute!!

In a tribute to Rivera, who played the cheeky and sultry cheerleader Santana López, Lovato wrote about how great Rivera’s performance was for Rivera and the LGBT + community as a woman. Demi Lovato praised the late Naya Rivera for her ‘groundbreaking’ role, which inspired ‘Closed Queer Girls’. She wrote: “RIP Naya Rivera. I always give my girlfriend a chance to play in a fun way.

Demi Lovato praises Naya Rivera for 'inspiring queer girls like ...

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Therefore, the role she has played for open for girls, and your ambitions and accomplishments were inspiring for Latina women around the world. Lovato, who portrayed López’s love interest, shared a moving slide show of the couple’s scenes on the show, the latest light-hearted star to pay tribute to Naya.

Other Details!!

The footage showed him arriving at the dock in a black SUV, running under the marina, and then heading toward the lake. It was when the 20-foot boat did not return on time on July 8 that state agencies sounded the alarm. Officers launched a download of divers, ATVs, and helicopters to comb through the water corpse to find it. Josie told detectives that Rivera had sacrificed himself to save her while she and her mother were swimming in the lake: He took her back to the boat and saw her disappear into the water, he said.

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