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Director Explains Why Nothing Was Changed During Quarantine

We all know how the entire world as come up together to prevent the further spread of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. More commonly known as the COVID-19, it has lead to the destruction of human life being a spreadable virus. There is no cure developed until now, and the only option left with us is to practice social distancing.

However, this is not practically feasible for a more extended period since almost all the industries are getting affected at its worst. And the same is the case with the film industry worldwide. There are so many films, shows, and events whose filming have been suspended for an indefinite period, whereas there are so many ready to air films which have been delayed till the virus does not come under control. This has led to so many people either losing out their jobs with no work in their hands and nothing much to survive on.

The film industry earns billions throughout the year, making it one of the most profitable sectors. There are especially certain months wherein launching a movie proves to be a success all over.

No Time To Die: Affect Of Quarantine On The Movie

The same was applicable to Daniel Graig starrer upcoming flick No Time To Die wherein he was back one last time to reprise his role as 007 aka Bond, James Bond. The movie was all set to hit the screens in April this year. But sadly got postponed for a November release later this year thanks to the pandemic.

This is because at this point in time, wherein the number of people getting infected because of the virus is drastically increasing, there is no point in opening up massive public gathering places, which includes cinema halls as well.

No Time to Die
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Cary Joji Fukunaga Said Nothing Has Bee Changes Due To Covid-19

However, this quarantine period also serves as getting a lot of time to look out for any changes or additions to be made, which could not be done earlier since the movie has not released yet. But the director of the film Cary Joji Fukunaga stated that neither has he any plans nor he made any changes in the movie during the self-quarantine period.

He further said, the film is now complete for him both mentally and emotionally. The only thing left is now the film to release. Ofcourse summer releases earn a good number as compared to other months, and this pandemic has proved to be fatal for real success for a hell lot of films.

Nevertheless, we hope that the date for which the film has now been postponed gets a new release date son. No Time To Die is the 25th installment to the James Bond franchise, with Daniel’s fifth time return as the titular character.

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