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Episode 37, Ahiru no Sora: Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers!

The update on this week’s Ahiro no Sora is here now. Sora is now better as is better after cremation of his mother. He is now dedicated for basketball as he wants to make big in it. Sora intends to bring all his basketball teammates back together who dispersed after the fire incident which took place as they lost to Shoji High.

Shinichi, in order to be fit runs for 10 kms everyday since his explusion for school.

This article is all about Ahiro no Sora episode 37, preview, any major event or happening. It may contain some spoilers so read with caution.

Together we are one.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 37 Release Date

The next episode of Ahiro no Sora will be aired on 1st July, 2020 Wednesday at 5:55 PM IST. One should remember that no new episode will be aired next week as the show is on break. But episode 37 will be aired on the mentioned date i.e. July 1st, 2020.

Previously on Ahiru no Sora Episode 36

Nabe and Chucky, when met Shinchi, told about their plan of requesting Mr. S to allow them to play basketball after ther complerion of suspension. They pledged to work hard and perform better next year.

Laughing to smile!

Students require 5 more members to complete their new basketball team. Teachers decline to help students because of their previous deeds but principal is delighted to see them working hard.

Chiaki and Mokichi talk about how difficult it is as their only hope that is Mr. S won’t help them because of the scolding he is facing. They even thought Mr. S has been expelled abd fired as their Mathematics class goes class to Self Study.

Sora has improved his basketball skills while there is a rumor that Momoharu will not play basketball again. Sora’s queitness makes the coach worry and to think whether he is frustrated or angry with his team mates.

Working to win.

In the afternoon Sora and Madoka experience a interpersonal collision lwading to Sora nitice Madoka’s beauty. He even dreams of geeting kissed by her. But he apologizes for that. Later they spend some time together and Sora buys her a gift. He promises to sort things out and promises to play basketball again.

Madoka goes crying as she thinks Sora has been hurt alot. Momoharu comes to know about Mr. S that why he isn’t going to school. The reason being her wife being pregnant and very less time is left in her delivery. The episode ends with Sora and Chiaki practicing new moves and skills to score from different positions of the court.

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