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Full Story Of Season 4 With Cast Detail


Season 4 Episode 1- Everything’s Okay

The episode starts with Lucifer singing in his club and found himself surrounded by guns. He beat the Hell out of thieves by displaying his anger towards his real identity and Chloe’s sudden disappearance. Lucifer approached a crime scene and stopped by Dan and Ella responding to him, and suddenly, Chloe appeared at the crime scene. Lucifer asked Linda as she already faced the experience of seeing his devilish face and talked about the possible conditions of Chloe.

Lucifer told everything to Ella, and she took it as a joke. Lucifer mistakenly lifted Bob’s handler U.S. marshall Luke Reynolds. Maze broke into Chloe’s house and looking for an apology. Investigation proceeds, and Luke Reynolds pointing the gun at Lenore, and Reynolds shot Lucifer in hand, and Chloe saves Lenore. Lucifer followed Reynolds and stopped his car from going forward, and Chloe handcuffed him, and Maze handled his bounty to police and Trixie, and she became friends again. Chloe approached Father Kinley as she is secretly working with him to put Lucifer to justice.

Season 4 Episode 2- Somebody’s Reading Dante’s Inferno

The episode starts with Chloe reading Dante’s Inferno and collecting some facts about Lucifer. She learned about his powers and vulnerability and recalled his devilish face. Chloe and the company found Melinda’s body riverside, and then suddenly camera crew underway to the scene. Lucifer asked Chloe for a date and scene cuts to the Precinct. Dan is still mad at Lucifer for charlotte’s death.

Father Kinley convinced Chloe that Destruction followed when Lucifer walked his path to Earth. Kinley gave her a sedative to destroy Lucifer’s life, and then Ella showed them totem, which Judd The Jock found under the tree. Lucifer and Chloe interrogated other contestants and didn’t find useful for the case. Lucifer cleared the air about Hell and noticed Chloe reading Dante’s inferno.

Chloe postponed the date with Lucifer until the case is solved. Later it is revealed that Kylie had an affair with Melinda, and kylie disappeared from the sets. She tends to burn a house, and Lucifer was inside it, and then the house burned down to flames, and Lucifer got out of it like its nothing. Kylie killed Melinda as she thought that she was being played.

Lucifer and Chloe, ready for their date and loud music, distracted Chloe from pouring sedative in Lucifer’s drink. Chloe also suspected after Lucifer bleed, and Lucifer explained to her that he is vulnerable when he’s close to her. In the end, the real Killer was the cameraman who had intended to kill Chloe while she was investigating further, and Lucifer followed her and saved her. Linda told Amenadiel that she is pregnant with his child. Father Kinley played his card after Chloe decided not to help him.

Season 4 Episode 3- O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Father Kinley played his card and informed Lucifer about Chloe’s antics against him and tried to brainwash Lucifer. Lucifer behaving strangely and approached Ammenidiel, who told him that Linda’s pregnant with his child. Later on, a murder happened, and Susan Ochoa stabbed to death. Then it is found that another crime occurred, which is relatable to Susan.

But the twist in the tale that Father Kinley was the man behind the plan to execute to show the real identity of the Lucifer. Oscar was behind the Murder, and Lucifer confronted him in his house after Dan and Maze revealed the fact to Chloe and Lucifer. When Lucifer didn’t show his real face, Oscar attempted suicide, and later Lucifer found out that there’s a two-way mirror. Later on, Chloe told him everything, and Lucifer almost broke down and engaging himself in drinking. Here comes the moment when Lucifer’s old flame Eve walks in the lux and demands a drink. On the other, Lucifer comes and greets her with a strange glance.

Season 4 Episode 4- All About Eve

As Eve finally met with Lucifer and he wants her to go and booked a cab for her, but suddenly Lucifer got shot, and the driver demanded a neckless. Now Lucifer finds out that something is wrong, and he asks Eve about everything how she reached there. She recalled that she was on a plane with Pablo, who got killed, and neckless is missing. Bashir-Al Fasad is the legitimate owner of neckless, and Lucifer did a favor to him. But Chloe and Dan already used to collect some information about the neckless and Pablo. Then Lucifer and Eve reached the doorstep of Bashir and found that favor is already done.

Lucifer made a deal with him and promised to return the necklace to him. In return, he will not harm Eve as she is the only one who is the prime suspect of the case. Lucifer and Eve engaged themselves in a fight, and Chloe appeared there, and Lucifer got injured. Lucifer and Eve try to retrieve the neckless in an auction, and Eve acted as the showcase model. Turkish Pete was the man behind all the antics, and Chloe caught him after the bidding. But he reveals all, and Toby was the one who killed Pablo and takes the necklace. He takes Eve on the gunpoint, and Dan retrieves the neckless as stolen evidence. But in the end, Eve had the neckless when it fell out of Toby’s pocket. Eve and Lucifer getting closer and accepted him as he is. His devil face doesn’t bother her, and they both kissed. Chloe saw them getting closer and seems surprised.

Season 4 Episode 5 Expire Erect

Now Lucifer and Eve getting physical and spend most of their time together. Another homicide happened, and Derek Lee is the victim. Chloe asked Lucifer for his help, and he goes for auction with Chloe to find the Killer. Lucifer taking it as the last case and helped Decker in it. Amenadiell greeted with Eve and discussed some things with her. Lucifer gave a farewell party, and Ella is upset about it. Ella is getting friendly with Eve and start partying with her. Ammendiel asked Lucifer about Eve and asked him to send her back. An intruder invades the club and shot Lucifer and asks Detective Decker for help. He is possessed with a bomb trigger and planted bombs around the club.

He asked Detective Decker to find his wife and told her that she changed her name and disappeared. Dan sends sandwiches to inform Chloe that they will be going to breach through the southwest after they bring the wife of Marco. Marco’s wife stabbed her and got the trigger, and she warned everybody to get in the corner. Ella tries to diffuse the bomb while Chloe confronting Marco’s wife Leone, who is a mastermind criminal, and Dan breached the club, and Leone pulled the trigger, and Chloe jumped upon Lucifer to save him; eventually, Ella already diffused the bomb. Lucifer got unconscious, and then he received medical attention.

Season 4 Episode 6- Orgy Pants To Work

Eve met with Maze, and Lucifer headed to Precinct and talking about fantasies with Eve. Lucifer reached the crime scene with torn pants. Ammemediel felt the presence of an angel, and Remiel arrived at Earth. She told him that there is an angel baby on Earth, and Doctor Linda reached Lucifer and said to him that he missed sessions. Eve left a note that she is hanging out with Maze and Lucifer, texting her all time. Remiel cleared the air about the child and told Amenadiel that child will be taken to heaven and could not live on Earth. Lucifer mistakenly sent his gifts to Chloe and Eve, respectively, and they got exchanged. Lucifer and the company reached a nudist sanctuary and got nude for further investigation. A Police offer got killed while chasing Julian, and Lucifer got shattered. Amenadiel confessed to Remiel that the child belongs to him, and meanwhile, Lucifer terrified Julian.

Season 4 Episode 7- Devil as Devil Does

Lucifer and Eve keep on killing people and referred to punishment. Eve convinced Lucifer that she wants to work with him. One more homicide occurred, and Lucifer appeared at the crime scene with Eve. Dan found out Lucifer’s cigarette from the evidence box of Julian’ s crime scene. Eve is pretty excited working with police and the suspect looking for a lawyer. Lucifer angrily claimed that he has to punish people as he did in Hell. Dan reached out to Julian’s dad and told him about Lucifer. Remiel and Ammendiel engaged themselves in a fight, and he came out victorious.

Trixie rushed herself to Lucifer’s house, and Chloe, Dan finds out that she is not at home and went to Lucifer’s. Tiernan sent men to kill Lucifer, and he confronted them. Then Lucifer confronted Tiernan and bring him into the Precinct. Ella and Dan are getting closer and made out in the office. Detective Decker approached Father Kinley as requested. Lucifer wings are getting changed and became the same as demon ones. Father Kinley told Chloe about the prophecy and suspected Chloe that she knows about his true love. When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released. 

Season 4 Episode 8- Super Bad Boyfriend

Now Lucifer is getting its demonic form drastically, and Eve is feeling emotional as Lucifer is not attending her that much. Now Lucifer keeps on insisting on dumping Eve and making the prophecy wrong. A teen named Caleb looking for Lucifer and met Amenadiel instead, and he looks for a favor. He is a narcotic dealer and wants to get out of the business. Lucifer and Eve are doing Couple therapy as Lucifer seeks separation from Eve. Ammendiel helped the teen and told Tahir that he wouldn’t sell the stuff anymore. Ammenedial gave his neckless as collateral and promised to return the money.

Lucifer is trying every way possible to get far away from Eve. Police approached Caleb and Ammenediel and trying to cuff them. The policeman put Caleb to the ground and handcuffed him. Dan approached the scene and saved them from many casualties. Caleb is framed for the murder of the teacher, and Dan had a closure moment with Ella again. Caleb got free after the investigation, but it turned out the biggest nightmare as he got killed by Tahir and the company. Ammenediel reached the crime scene, and then he headed with Lucifer to avenge his death. Ammenediel accepts the fact that Earth is not the right place for his child.

Season 4 Episode 9- Save Lucifer

Maze is getting closer to Eve, and Lucifer is getting closer to its demonic form. His hands are already getting into devil mode, and he reached the crime scene wearing gloves. Maze and Eve are working together on Bounty hunting and Eve, considering the separation from Lucifer. Lucifer showed his hands to Chloe, and Lucifer told him that it’s already spreading. Lucifer showed the same thing to Dr. Linda in his therapy session. As the investigation process progresses, Lucifer’s body is taking its demonic form shape. Now things are getting more ugly as Lucifer’s eyes tend to change, and Chloe noticed it. Lucifer joins the party wearing masks as he doesn’t want to reveal his pure form.

Now Lucifer’s face getting all demonic, and he can’t cope with the situation. Maze and Eve freed Father Kinley, and Linda’s water got broke, and Dan has to take her to the hospital as he was amid the session with her. Maze got the text, and she wants to be with Linda and left Eve with Father Kinley. Now Lucifer is getting transformed in his original form and showed Chloe his devilish form. Father Kinley suggested a way to Eve to reunite with Lucifer as he wants to send him back to Hell with her. Father Kinley tried to kill Eve, but she managed to kill him and made him the messenger of Hell. Chloe advised Lucifer to forgive himself and get free from his devilish form. Suddenly he turned into his human form and took the first step of the change.

Season 4 Episode 10- Who’s Da New King of Hell?

Lucifer is now confident about his new beginning and enjoying his daily routine. Dancing and singing in his club and make the most of it. Eve told the whole episode to the Maze that father Kinley got killed by him, and she left her. Lucifer greets Amenadiel’s child’s Charlie and Linda. Amenadiel decides to take Charlie to the silver city, but the security band became a huge barrier. Chloe suspected the return of Father Kinley after a homicide. She went for a search and found Maze there, and she was also tracking Kinley. Dromos and Squee arrived to take Lucifer back to Hell, and Dromos appeared in Kinley’s Body.

Lucifer didn’t want to go back and made Dromos the king, but it’s nor possible as only an angel could rule the Hell. Chloe assuming that prophecy could be about demons roaming Earth and Lucifer also suspected the same but declined the fact. Now Dromos back to his antics, and he abducts Charlie to make him the new king of Hell as only angels could be the ruler. But Ammendiel got suspected as he wants to take him to the silver city, but that’s not the case. Eve tracked down Dormos through her phone, and Dormos alter the orders of Eve. Lucifer finds out that Dormos and the company want to replace him and make Charlie the new ruler of Hell. Eve confessed everything to Lucifer about her antics regarding the possible return to Hell. Lucifer and the company heading to The Mayan to settle the conflicts, and the ceremony is about to start.

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But got interrupted by Lucifer and Ammandiel and Maze battle it out to retrieve Charlie back. Eve ran away with the child, and Detective Decker saved her from the demon. Lucifer about to end Dromos, and suddenly Chloe appeared there, and demons were running behind Chloe, and then Lucifer has to show its pure form to save her. Lucifer ordered all the souls to return to Hell, and everyone bows down to him. Everything turns back to normal, and now Lucifer decided to return to Hell and to rule it again. In the final scene, Lucifer sitting on the Hell’s throne and left everyone.

·         Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar

·         Lauren German as Chloe Decker

·         Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza

·         D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel

·         Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen

·         Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza

·         Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez

·         Inbar Lavi as Eve

·         Rachael Harris as Linda Martin


·         Graham McTavish as Father Kinley/Dromos

·         Vinessa Vidotto as Remiel

So this is pretty much about Lucifer, it’s an in-depth summary of four seasons, and the fifth season will hit the Netflix screens on August 21st. So get ready to witness the return of Devil as he is currently in Hell and soon gets back on Earth for his reunion with his acquaintances.


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