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Ghost of Tsushima Combat Explained: Samurai, Stances, and Shinobi


[Editor’s Note: Some minor spoilers ahead for the upcoming video game Ghost of Tsushima, though we’ll keep this combat guide as spoiler-free as possible. Be sure to check out our review here and our Tips for Beginners, too.]

If you’re gearing as much as play Ghost of Tsushima, the brand new and extremely expected free up from Sucker Punch Productions for the PS4, you’re going to wish to brush up in your fight mechanics early and steadily. I broke down the more than a few playstyles and approaches to the sport’s targets in our guidelines information connected above (together with which load-outs to make use of and when), however right here, I’ll get into somewhat extra element relating to fight mechanics. And whilst this will likely without a doubt be an evolving article as increasingly more other folks get to revel in the sport, this must be greater than enough sufficient to get you began. The relaxation is solely apply and repetition.

A notice: My revel in comes from the primary act of Ghost of Tsushima. The enemies do appear to degree up with you in issue (most commonly) as you move, with some geographical boundaries, ie more straightforward enemies nearer to the place you get started the tale. Additionally, I’m taking part in on Easy mode, which means the Mongols are definitely going handy your ass to you extra steadily than me should you’re no longer a vacationer and are taking part in on Normal or Hard. Regardless, the mechanics are the similar. (Feel unfastened to problem me to a duel while you’re able, ideally in a cinematic thunderstorm.)



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“The best defense is a good offense.” That age-old adage rings true for many fight sports activities, however in Ghost of Tsushima, it’s almost certainly going to get you killed. You can button-mash gentle and heavy assaults all day lengthy, however even in Easy mode, you are going to get trounced from time to time. The fight machine merely isn’t arrange that means. Instead, it’s each a refined recreation of Rock, Paper, Scissors and a check of talent to peer how carefully the participant is paying consideration. So sooner than you even swing your sword, right here’s the right way to use it in protection:

Block, Parry, Dodge, Repeat. If you’ll get the timing of those defensive strikes down, you’re midway to victory already. Blocks can flip apart basic assaults whilst Parries can counter assaults with a blue glint; Perfect Parries be offering an advantage to Staggering your opponent, however even a fundamental Parry can come up with a gap. Dodges and Rolls, then again, are for unblockable assaults, and there are numerous them; should you see a purple glint coming at you, dodge/roll out of the way in which. Every form of enemy has a special development of assault, other guns and timing, other vary, and so on.; getting your protection down takes apply and endurance, and a variety of fights. There are Charms, then again, that may make your existence more straightforward in fight, no longer simply by mitigating harm won or boosting how a lot harm you deal, however by way of if truth be told making Parrying more straightforward to reach thru a timing buff or “terrifying” close by enemies after a really perfect parry. (Visit the ones shrines!)

Even in case your protection falters, make sure to have some Resolve in reserve; it’ll allow you to heal up by way of punching your self within the facet, samurai-style, to get all amped up for the struggle. To do a little harm, then again, we’ll have to move at the offensive.



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It must pass with out pronouncing, however you’ll wish to free up as many mixtures as you’ll ASAP, particularly if you wish to business sword blows with Mongols for hours and hours of gameplay. These mixtures carry some versatility for your swordsmanship whilst additionally dealing bonus harm for your combatants, with the additional advantage of simply taking a look badass whilst doing it. So whether or not you’re breaking an combatants protection with a sequence of devastating overhead blows, getting previous their guard with an sudden mule kick, or scaring the crap out of the contest with a Mythic strike, it can pay to free up the ones mixtures early and apply them steadily. (It’s additionally just right to apply your timing and a spotlight for your combatants actions within the non-compulsory Stand-offs, which you’ll cause or no longer, and the epic Duels, which might be the most effective moments within the recreation.)

But no longer each and every button-mashing combo goes to chop it (until you’re working towards at the Bamboo Strikes, which you must be). You’ll want to bear in mind positive mixtures for positive varieties of enemies: Swordsman, Shield-bearers, Spear-wielders, and Brutes, amongst others. Numerous those mixtures are an identical, some virtually an identical, so it’s no longer that tough to grasp. The actual trick is available in remembering to remember to’re in the suitable Stance.


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Remember that Rock, Paper, Scissors point out? Here it’s! Both protection and offense will also be unlocked by way of going in the course of the Deflection and Evasion talent bushes, however you’ll wish to growth in the course of the tale to free up Stances. This gets somewhat spoilery as a result of that reality:

You get started with Stone Stance, which is just right towards Swordsmen. Fun Fact: Swordsmen are precisely who you face early within the recreation, with somewhat selection thrown in. You can improve the Staggering heavy assaults and Piercing assaults, which acquire pace down the tree. Next is Water Stance which makes use of flowing moves to get round shield-bearers. These heavy strike mixtures are simple to grasp however brutal in your enemies at the receiving finish. Then there’s the Wind Stance, used towards spearmen. This a laugh stance comes with an impressive again kick (every so often proper to the jaw) and an auto-parry should you growth its tree some distance sufficient. Finally (or perhaps no longer…), there’s the Moon Stance, which is used towards brutes. These fast kicks and slashes will take down even the largest of combatants. Once you’ve mastered the ones, who is aware of what else awaits you?

Ghost Weapons


Image by way of Sucker Punch Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

So, you’ve strayed from the trail of the honorable samurai and found out the way in which of the thief and murderer. That’s k, I’m no longer judging you (despite the fact that your uncle would possibly). In reality, the tanto blade and an out of this world array of Ghost guns are extra steadily than no longer the essential gear of the business; they’ll get the task completed, or get you many of the means there, permitting you to mop up any further warring parties along with your katana. Because of this, it’s helpful to get simply as relaxed along with your Ghost guns as you might be along with your sword, and you should definitely free up their talent bushes ASAP (however there are a bunch).

Aside out of your tanto, which is used for sneaky assassinations (or multi-assassinations if in case you have the talent unlocked), Ghost guns are most commonly throwables: Kunai, smoke bombs, sticky bombs, black powder bombs, or even distraction-worthy wind chimes and firecrackers. These are the numerous and sundry gear and guns of the Ghost trail. Sometimes a quest goal will inspire you to make use of them in positive techniques, equivalent to killing an enemy who’s investigating a wind chime. Other occasions, they’ll simply be just right to make use of basically, such because the kunai’s skill to take out more than one enemies, stagger higher combatants, and even take down flying Mongol eagles. There’s numerous selection introduced in the way you way every situation right here. But even if stealth and silent assassinations are helpful, every so often it’s perfect to assault from a distance.



Image by way of Sucker Punch Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Shout-out to my fellow Sneaky Archers. Ghost of Tsushima has an attractive tough stealth/sneak mechanic (that could be OP, if we’re being truthful), however mixed with a cast and easy archery possibility, smartly, it’s laborious to overcome that. Throughout the sport, you’ll get get admission to to the quick half-bow and its quiver of each customary and hearth arrows, in addition to the rangy longbow and its supplement of laborious arrows and explosive arrows. No actual zooms or scopes right here (it’s the 13th century, in the end) however the Concentration cause slows time down so that you can make precision headshots. There are even Charms that provide bonuses for archery-related stats, equivalent to nocking and reload pace, harm boosts, or even a couple of perks that experience a possibility of kicking again a used arrow or restoring some Resolve.

Charms are an excellent total solution to superb track no matter load-out you have got. Even after you’ve mastered the fight mixtures, really feel assured switching between Stances, and will glide from offense to protection, Samurai to Ghost, comfortably, those Charms will upload a wide variety of stat bonuses for your tools. Some are nice for fight, whilst others are higher for stealth, archery, and even exploring. Sucker Punch has equipped a ton of suppleness and distinctive choices for your construct right here. So whilst Jin Sakai’s tale might play out just about the similar means regardless of who’s taking part in it, those choices (and the implausible number of cosmetics) will let each and every participant do it in their very own signature genre.

Got every other fight questions or guidelines? Be certain to tell us!

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