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Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik’s Closer Than Ever! Is Her Pregnancy The Only Reason


Gigi and Zayn have been in talks for a while now, well mostly because of Gigi’s pregnancy. Well, expecting their first child together, Gigi and Zyan are closer than ever. Gigi confirmed her pregnancy on the Jimmy Fallon Show back in April. However, people already knew about it, that did actually upset Gigi a bit as she wanted to announce it herself.

Well, the road to the place where Gigi and Zyan are right now wasn’t an easy one, it sure did have its ups and downs. However, as it is said better late than never. Now that I think of it, is pregnancy the only reason for their newfound closeness?

The supermodel and the musician, they do sound like a thing. Their story sure does have climax and anticlimax but I do not think that pregnancy is kind of a turn that brought them together. Actually, pregnancy is the outcome of their togetherness. So, no it is not just because of Gigi’s pregnancy rather there’s actual love between them. I know it is kinda rare these days but it is what it is.

Sharing a little more about Gigi’s whereabouts, she was reported to have been living in her mother’s farmhouse, where she plans to spend most of her pregnancy. By the Way for the ones who haven’t been keeping up, she is due September. We still do not have a gender reveal. Looks like its gonna be a surprise.

It would be rude of me to end the chat without telling you about the hot topic of Gigi confronting the disguise blame. Recently, on one of her posts, over something a fan commented that she was trying to disguise her pregnancy to hide it. Later, Gigi tweeted, sounded more like an implication intended tweet. She said that she is not trying to hide anything and will talk about her pregnancy when she is comfortable talking about it.


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