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Hans Zimmer’s Dune Score Might Be His Wildest Yet


Veteran composer Hans Zimmer is getting experimental with his score for Denis Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated Dune adaptation, to the point where it’s apparently pissing people off. In an interview with Variety, Zimmer discussed a number of the projects he’s been working on, including the science fiction epic and the latest James Bond film No Time to Die. (As of right now, he’s scored 7 different films that are all still due to be released this year, which is a crazy output in a normal year, let alone one in which everything got shut down by a pandemic.)

While Zimmer had some nice things to say about his experience working on the Bond franchise and on the Tom Cruise sequel Top Gun: Maverick, he was clearly the most excited about the score he’s developing for Dune.


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Right now I’m in the middle of making these sounds. I just have these ideas, and it’s like this every day. I’m doing all these experiments, and I have no idea if any of them will ever really end up in the movie. But we are so dedicated, trying to do something different, to do solid and honorable work, and do justice to the book… And some of them will probably be complete and utter disasters. But I’m having a go. Absolutely full on. I’m being obnoxious and telling people I need more time. The usual… I’m driving everybody crazy on Dune because I’m so full of ideas. And it’s Denis, you know? He lets me be part of this world. It’s totally and utterly inspiring, and it’s great people I get to work with – scrap the word “work,” it’s great people I get to play with.

The whole interview is worth a read for both fans of Zimmer’s work and for movie score nerds in general. But his comments on Dune have successfully made me that much more excited to finally see it, and I was already beyond hyped. For more on Dune, read about some additional photography the production plans to do this August.

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