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His Daddy Look Is Spine Chilling For Fans


It is not a hidden fact that since the early 2000s, girls are swooning on every picture of Zac Efron. He has been the staple food for the cameras of many paparazzi. So, it is obvious to deduce that a charismatic actor like Zac Efron must have been in news from time to time.

Recently, some pictures of Zac Efron were and still is, going rounds on the internet, especially on Twitter. The pictures are from a documentary series that premiered on Netflix. But the most striking thing about those pictures is the new look of Zac Efron. And for the first time perhaps, the opinion of the fans are divided as some of them are praising the new look of Zac Efron and others are saying otherwise.

What Is So Peculiar About The New Daddy Look Of Zac Efron?

It all started with the new series on Netflix named ‘Down To Earth With Zac Efron’. In this documentary series, Zac Efron is seen with his muscular body and hair on the chest. And people on the internet are not getting over it. It is new for the fans of this chocolatey actor to see their platinum hunk in a new look. They even call him “Daddy” on the internet as this new look of Zac Efron is quite different.

Of course, Mr. Efron is now 32. So his days of looking like an innocent high school boy, as he did during his High School Musical days, is over. Fans were accustomed to his “college hottie” look but it seems that his Baywatch physique is shifting towards the daddy look. A news portal has published an article in which the new look of Zac Efron is called “Dab Bod”. Of course, for the first time, the world has seen the look of Zac Efron labeled with this kind of word like “dad bod”.

Overall, people are liking the new look of Zac Efron, and no matter what, he is the hottest Daddy in town right now.


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