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How to look at Babylon Five so as | Including motion pictures and spin-off

If you’re having a look to lose your self in some richly detailed science fiction, glance no additional than the bold house opera saga of Babylon 5.

Created by means of creator J Michael Straczynski (sometimes called JMS), the tale takes position masses of years sooner or later, when the folk of Earth have unfold out to construct civilisations around the sun device.

The motion centres on an area station known as Babylon 5, supposed as impartial flooring for industry and international relations in a universe that has observed a number of brutal wars.

You’ll meet the huge and remarkable band of characters running aboard the station, whose lives are influenced by means of the ever-changing interplanetary members of the family and struggle.

For many, the attraction of Babylon Five is its tightly structured narrative, as JMS had a five-season plan laid out from the very starting, which he used to be in a position to grasp with improve from enthusiasts and Warner Bros.

Where many sci-fi displays have opted for one-episode storylines, incessantly with little lasting penalties, Babylon Five charted longer-form storylines in a identical means to a lot later productions like Lost.

Those wishing to pattern the collection for themselves have two watch orders to choose between: unlock or chronological.

How to look at Babylon Five in unlock order

If you wish to have to enjoy Babylon Five within the order that it used to be first launched, feature-length pilot episode The Gathering is the place you wish to have to begin.

It’s the easiest advent to the sector and sends you directly into the unique tv collection, which comprises most of the franchise’s maximum memorable moments.

1. Babylon 5: The Gathering (22nd Feb 1993)
2. Babylon 5: Season 1-4 (26th Jan 1994-27th Oct 1997)
3. In The Beginning (movie, 4th Jan 1998)
4. Babylon 5: Season 5 (21st Jan 1998)
5. Thirdspace* (movie, 19th Jul 1998)
6. The River of Souls (movie, eighth Nov 1998)
7. A Call to Arms (movie, third Jan 1999)
8. Crusade: Season 1 (ninth Jun 1999)
9. The Legend of the Rangers (movie, 19th Jan 2002)
10. The Lost Tales: Voices within the Dark (31st Jul 2007)

*Note: Thirdspace used to be launched whilst Babylon 5’s 5th season used to be airing on tv and is chronologically set all over the occasions of season 4.

How to look at Babylon Five in chronological order

Full cast of TV series Babylon 5 (season one)


When tackling a sci-fi saga reminiscent of Babylon 5, some other people want to observe the motion within the chronological order of the universe, which is able to once in a while upload some additional perception into occasions as they spread.

Given that this used to be no longer the order supposed by means of the writers at the back of the display, this method isn’t really helpful to finish freshmen to the franchise as it might make some plot issues extra complicated.

But for those who’re revisiting the sector and having a look to shake up your viewing time table, imagine gazing Babylon Five on this chronological order.

1. In The Beginning* (movie, 12 months: 2245-48)
2. Babylon 5: The Gathering (12 months 2257)
3. Babylon 5: Seasons 1-4 (12 months: 2258-61)
4. Thirdspace (movie, 12 months: 2261)
5. Babylon 5: Season 5 (12 months: 2262)
6. The River of Souls (movie, 12 months: 2263)
7. The Legend of the Rangers (movie, 12 months: 2265)
8. A Call to Arms (movie, 12 months: 2266)
9. Crusade: Season 1 (12 months: 2267)
10. The Lost Tales: Voices within the Dark (12 months: 2271)

*The major tale of In The Beginning is ready 15 years sooner than the Babylon Five tv collection, however the movie does function a couple of scenes set a lot later within the 12 months 2278.

Babylon Five is to be had to buy on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re on the lookout for one thing else to look at, take a look at our TV Guide.

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