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I was excluded from the beginning; What I have to say to the WCC | Wcc | Bhagyalakshmi | Entertainment News

From the time the WCC was formed until the time of the webinar this past day, I have in no way been invited to be a part of its work. Having worked in Malayalam cinema for forty years, as someone with so much experience and as someone who has worked with many of WCC ‘s leading activists, I have often wondered why such an omission may still occur. I’m the one who said no to participation.

However, I am a person who believes that it is the imperative of the times that there should be such a community of women in Malayalam cinema, even if it is a community that excludes me. They can bring many positive changes in the film. I am a person who believes in such organizational work because dubbing artists, to whom I belong, were not widely regarded in Malayalam cinema. But I am convinced that dubbing artists have gained a professional career since they started working as part of a trade union called FEFKA. (FEFCA dubbing union is the largest women’s union)

Perhaps I had high hopes for the WCC as an organization that would go beyond what our trade union did not address, and for women to discuss only within their own community and provide a platform for their own empowerment. Then, to everyone’s shock, Vidhu Vincent, the strongest and most notable member of the WCC, made serious allegations. Coming out. I’m one of the many people who read the reasons for their resignation and were convinced that many of the issues raised in it were very relevant.

Of course, an organization like the WCC has an obligation to answer the issues they have numbered. In her resignation, she referred to the neglect shown to her by the community, which had to support and shade her in the psychological problems faced by a female director struggling to find a place of her own in Malayalam cinema as a male-dominated industry. Many, including myself, thought that the WCC would give a clear answer to the questions they asked, both organizationally and politically.

But the WCC’s Facebook post the other day disappointed me. I understand only one line in that post which is not clear anything ..

In it, she says, “Collective started as an advocacy forum to support women working in Malayalam cinema, WCC is not a problem solving cell.”

That is, I understand that it is an organization that is not ready to intervene in any way, to seek solutions to the problems faced by women in the workplace, or to help women, and to guide them only through constant counseling. I realized that with a shock, because the WCC was formed with the hashtag “with her” in the context of the horrific violence faced by one of our colleagues. The WCC is the organization that preached that she was ready to go to any lengths with her to ensure justice.

The same organization now says that when such injustices take place, there is no need to come here for advice other than advice.

What is the nature of that advice? Is that legal advice? What protection and security can this organization offer with that advice? I can only see it as a major setback in their journey since the formation of the WCC.

Another is that at the beginning of this organization, the leading members of the WCC held a press conference in black in protest against the organization Amma, and I am in solidarity with the spirit they showed at that press conference. Although perhaps not entirely in agreement with that idea.

The WCC said at the time, citing numerous examples in Bollywood, called for the professional boycott of victims of such sexual harassment. But what is the point of saying that the slow approach taken by the actors who later faced such sexual allegations is that the WCC will cooperate with those who have contradictory views in the note? The questions raised by Widow Vincent come to the forefront of the WCC with double force in light of this answer.

The WCC has not responded to any questions raised by the widow. Another tactic that a man takes when a woman openly asks questions is that you are campaigning for an exception..isn’t this what the WCC says back when a widow asks a question? The question society asks the raped woman is why she did not complain earlier. Geethu Mohandas, a key member of the WCC, is not the same

Costume designer asked a girl named Steffi? Why not complain earlier.

You are my friends but sorry to say the least.

I recognize that it is the male voice that is slowly being heard throughout your statements …

The director, Vidhu Vincent, came to do the film. They found a producer on their own because there were a lot of people among you who could not find a producer for them. They did not film in secret.

When you use the words designed / influenced / purchased by Vidhu Vincent, you are also insulting a strong member of yours …

It is the words of a man who says that a woman is bought for a price. It is the responsibility of the WCC to provide clarity on the allegations made by Vidhu Vincent.

Now I would like to say something about the organizational structure.

It is a place where many helpless women work, and there are many people to advise her in this field where cinema dominates the stage. But when she has a problem, legally or mentally, she needs an organization here to strengthen her and take her by the hand financially.

The WCC chairpersons do not know the problem of grassroots workers. The problem of day laborers.

You do not know what the organization is, the problem in the workplace of women,

If you want to know that, you have to go down among them, walk with them, talk to each other face to face. It should not be a promise made only through WhatsApp, Facebook or a press conference. Most women are unaware of this.

Their problem is hunger and insecurity. They do not understand the OXFORD ENGLISH you say. The problem of rich (heroines) women is not the only one to be solved here. Many are poor women.

There are junior artists, there are makeup artists, there are hairdressers, there are transgender people, there are assistant directors …

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. It doesn’t matter if you just raise awareness ..

We need to find out if she got that awareness.

Rima Kallingal said that for a woman to be self-empowered, her workplace must be secure and the organization must stand with her, not her colleagues who see her as an enemy … mutual respect and trust … Rima Kallingal said that the goal of the WCC is not to increase membership .. So does the WCC have any responsibility in the case of women over 50? But it is also said that everyone is welcome.

Who says joining a WCC would mean losing a chance in cinema? It should be clear. I am not a member of any organization.

People who like me / will call if necessary .. If not, I believe it means that they do not need me.

Many of your members are making films of the enemy? Or is B Unnikrishnan the only enemy of the WCC?

If there is to be an organization / film industry here that the WCC wants, then women need to be active in the production, directing and exhibition areas … women need to be motivated to find employment. Only then can you forbid yourself from going to the enemy you want ..

No woman would work here if she made the world of cinema better. Aren’t there any of you who have proved that she can excel in this field by maintaining her own talent, confidence and personality? Revathi, Anjali Menon, Bina Paul, Geethu Mohandas and Rima Kallingal?

It’s not an organizational style that your enemy should be their enemy either. Film is an industry as well as a community of friends. There will be love, quarrels and quarrels .. Any organization can survive in this arena only by embracing and resolving criticisms .. I wish the WCC would be able to move forward with such a friendly approach ..


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