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Japan Sinks 2020 Review and Ending Explained: What to Expect From this Captivating Disaster Novel Adapted Anime?


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Netflix is on a rampage with some sensational releases planned for July 2020. The lockdown situation has favored Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming platforms to a great extent. However, when it comes to anime, Netflix has got its nose out ahead in the race for supremacy with Baki, BNA: Brand New Animal. With yet another Netflix original anime ‘Japan Sinks 2020’, Netflix aims to keep the anime fans glued to its services in July.

Japan Sinks 2020 is an adaptation of the famous novel by Sakyo Komatsu. ‘Japan Sinks 2020 is an anime which revolves around an imaginary plot in which Japan reels under the impact of a catastrophic earthquake and deals with the aftermath from there on. Japan Sinks 2020’s journey features the lives of a family of four including Ayumu and Gō, the children.

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Sakyo Komatsu is known to spice up things with the sci-fi touch but Japan Sinks 2020 is more a personal perspective of things from the eyes of the Muto family. The background music is pleasing to the ear and the ending of the plot on an optimistic note celebrates family, human emotions and the persistence of the family to survive.

While the family’s ordeal and drama keeps the story on its toes, the gruesome impact of the disaster with abrupt death of some of the characters makes way for fresh ones. As the season picks up pace, Japan Sinks 2020 sinks in the brakes with lesser twists and reliance on the disaster narrative. Japan Sinks 2020 throws in deaths and devastation but the mood is not set for the audience to sympathize with the lost ones as everything happens for a reason, we are made to understand. Japan Sinks 2020 brings in much needed optimism during the tough times and the whole motive of this anime series seems appreciable.

One of the previous anime series ‘Devilman Crybaby’ from the same makers threw some light on the same lights but Japan Sinks 2020 stands out in its own way. Japan Sinks 2020 entertains, connects with Japan’s ordeals and disaster but does not touch the emotional sense in its audience.

Rating 2.75 / 5

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