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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Trailer Reveals Rhythm Game Take

When I first found Kingdom Hearts in 2002, it additionally, due to a catchy, melancholy Utada Hikaru tune, launched me to the great world of J-pop. Music has been embedded inside the franchise’s DNA all through all of its daffy, emotional, lore-stuffed titles. So in a way, I shouldn’t be stunned within the type the most recent title has taken. And but, right here I’m. Surprised, and delighted, to be taught that the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a full-on, straight up rhythm sport.

As Collider’s resident music dorkus, rhythm video video games are particularly necessary to me. From PaRappa the Rapper to Rock Band, hitting buttons in time with music to attain a online game objective prompts serotonin in me like no different online game element can. So to listen to that Melody of Memory is making use of one in every of my favourite online game genres on high of one of the vital delightfully dense online game franchises — a spot the place Disney characters and anime heroes go on adventures with equal billing — is thrilling information, certainly. And on this go round, you’ll hit buttons in rhythm to enact items of motion and fight, reminding me a little bit of a much less intense Thumper or Amplitude. According to their official web site,”the sport encompasses a huge catalog of over 140 songs, together with music from the Kingdom Hearts sequence, Disney, and extra.” Gotta let you know — the thought of smashing somebody to that Utada Hikaru track sounds great.


Image through Square Enix

But in the event you ain’t a rhythm sport stan, and simply need your new Kingdom Hearts repair, this sport will most likely nonetheless give you the results you want. You’ll get fan favourite characters like Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Kairi, Hercules, Aladdin, and extra within the title. While it might not be an official entry into the Kingdom Hearts continuity, it nonetheless manages to supply a narrative and be full of the whole lot you like concerning the KH world to date.

Plus — the particular trailer for Melody of Memory additionally comes with a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts‘ 2020 future in general, what they’re calling the sequence’ second section. And that features promising different titles like Melody of Memory, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:Mind (a DLC enlargement of the unique sport), Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (a cellular sport specializing in the villainous Xehanort), and two empty areas which might be… something. Get your toes tapping, and get your brains speculating.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory involves PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later in 2020. Check out its trailer, and the general KH 2020 trailer (each in Japanese), under. For extra on the planet of video video games, right here’s each PlayStation 5 sport trailer to date.

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