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Liam Payne On One Direction Reunion, ‘It Is Being Prepared?’


So this is for all the one direction fans who can prepare themselves for the upcoming reunion. Excited, right? Well, Liam Payne recently confirmed that the band will be going to reunite in 2020. We are literally freaking out! So this means that we are a few months behind to see Liam, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry style together on the screen. OH MY GOD. The boys went on a hiatus in 2015 and tell them we all are seriously holding onto this and there is not even a single day that we don’t miss them.

When exactly will we see one direction together again?

Well, we all are aware of this that since hiatus the boys have been busy doing their individual different things like starring in some movie, judging shows, and launching an album of their own. So we would love to watch them together but honestly because of this whole global pandemic thing, no date can be settled or confirmed by now.

One thing is definitely confirmed that even after being involved in the tight schedule the boys still find out ways to hang out like recently Liam was invited as a guest judge of Louis on the X factor show.

What else can we expect?

It is not hopeful to say that the boys of one direction on this special occasion will do any new music tour or album. But the best part is, Liam also revealed to the fans that it is for some will be making the music together again soon. There are speculations that it will be going to happen soon following the 10 year anniversary of the band and this news is already burning fire since it has been put into notice.


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