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Neil Gaiman Drops Details On Its Netflix Arrival

Previously we always hear about the rumor of starting and cancellations of the Sandman series, but now the Sandman franchise in a hot topic discussion because Netflix is developing an action series ” The  Sandman”  TV series produced by co-creator Neil Gaiman, The OC’s Allan Heinberg, and Batman Begins’ David Goyer.


This comic book series on which Netflix is going to make a series is written by Neil Gaiman. The novel is drawn by Jill, J Shawn McManus,  Thompson, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Marc Hempel, and Michael.

The Sandman Netflix adaptation is in the production, fans of the comic series are all excited for the coming series. When the series adaptation of comic ‘ The Sandman ‘ will come on Netflix, it will look somewhat up to date. The comic writer and co-creator of the show spill the beans about the show.

Gaiman told us he was doing both the series and he was also trying to adapt the comic book into audio dram from the past 30 years.


The production of the series is now in its early stage, so it is hard to say about the release date. As no official release date announcement is made by the authorities.

But we can expect it to be released in the last months or during the winter of 2021


The executive producers of the series Sandman are  Gaiman, Allan Heinberg, and David S. Goyer.
Gaiman who is one of the executive producers is also the writer of the serif. Gaiman is also  narrating an Audible adaptation of The Sandman, which will premiere on 15th July


The cast of the series is not revealed yet.
The cast of the series will start to be revealed soon.


The story of this incredible series on the comic rotates around DREAM, who is one of the seven Endless. Dream and the other Endless are billions of years old and each Endless is there with a natural force.  The dream is also known as Morpheus. He resides in his kingdom” The Dreaming ” where he has perfect control.

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