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Netflix Shutting Down All It’s Scripted Film And TV Production In US And Canada! Here’s Why


Netflix halts all productions in the US and Canada. Well, there’s a long list of shows which have been suspended due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Not only Netflix all the other companies had to do the same. John Koblin, the reporter for the New York Times gave the updates back in March.

Moreover, we also do not know when will the production resume. Here’s a list of major shows which have been delayed due to the pandemic.

Another Life(season 2). It was supposed to be filmed in Vancouver Canada but was suspended for safety reasons.

Grace and Frankie(season 7). Yet another suspended project.

Lucifer(season 5). Although it is now being released on August 19th. It is was originally planned to be released in May. It did not have a lot of filming left to be done but its post-production work had to be postponed for the safety of crew members.

Night Teeth(feature film). It was supposed to be shot in New Orleans and Los Angeles. Of course, had to be suspended due to the pandemic.

Resident Evil(season 1). Yes, a series on the iconic film series Resident evil was also under planning this year. Although it was supposed to be shot in South Africa, it had to be suspended because of the same reason.

The Witcher(season 2). Another one of anticipated shows from Netflix that had to be postponed due to coronavirus pandemic.

Well, there are many more but these are some major ones.

Well, we cannot say for all the show but a few shows who need work only in post-production or pre-production are already in works right now. For example, Lucifer season 5 is ready to be aired, similarly, Umbrella Academy season 2 will air on 31st of July. Hene, we can see that Netflix is doing all it can and now everything else depends on the pandemic, as soon as it ends the productions will rush to begin.


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