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Parasite Black and White Edition Trailer Shines New Light on Oscar Winner

Parasite has been given a black and white makeover, with the new version set to hit theaters in the U.K. later this month. Now, a new teaser trailer and poster for Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning modern masterpiece have been revealed. While it is still the same movie, the black and white edition will offer a fresh perspective on the critically-heralded drama.

The teaser is brief, clocking in at around 30 seconds. It uses quite a bit of the same footage from the main theatrical trailer, but gives a good sense of what the black and white version will look and feel like. As for the poster, it is the reverse of the main Parasite poster, which, quite literally, flips the perspective. One could argue it is a bit spoilery for those who have seen it, but it is a clever way to present the new edition of the movie.

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Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no word on a theatrical release for the Parasite black and white edition in the U.S. For now, most major theaters remain closed, with plans for them to reopen at the end of July. Perhaps when things settle down Neon will look to get this version out in more locations around the world. Bong Joon-ho had this to say in a statement when the new version was first announced back in January.

“I’m extremely happy to present Parasite in black and white and have it play on the big screen. It will be fascinating to see how the viewing experience changes when an identical film is presented in black and white. I watched the black and white version twice now, and at times the film felt more like a fable and gave me the strange sense that I was watching a story from old times. The second time I watched it, the film felt more realistic and sharp as if I was being cut by a blade. It also further highlighted the actors’ performances and seemed to revolve more around the characters. I had many fleeting impressions of this new version, but I do not wish to define them before it is presented. I hope everyone in the audience can compare their own experiences from the color version and find their own path to Parasite in black and white.”

Several recent blockbusters have opted to release a black and white version following their initial success in theaters. Mad Max: Fury Road and Logan both released alternate editions, stripping away the color in favor of a different look. In this case, it can only serve to add to what has already been a legendarily successful run for Parasite. Any further success or financial gains at this point will serve to further ice an already thoroughly iced cake.

Working from a budget of just $11 million, Parasite grossed $257 million at the global box office against near-universal praise. It also went on to become the first non-English-speaking movie ever to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Be sure to check out the new trailer and poster for yourself, which were originally shared by Empire.

Parasite Black and White Edition Poster
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