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Turning point in the ‘Kuruvachan’ controversy as the controversy heats up. Director Shaji Kailas says that the movie Tiger starring Prithviraj is not about Jose Kuruvinakkunnel from Pala. The tiger is the story of a young planter. It has nothing to do with Jose. “People are creating controversy without knowing it,” Shaji Kailas told national media.

‘I know Jose. Ranji Panicker and I decided to make a film about him. But Jinu’s script is completely different. The tiger is the story of a young planter. It has nothing to do with Jose. “People are creating controversy without knowing it,” said Shaji Kailas.

He said that only he and Prithviraj had read the entire script of Tiger. In fact, Jinu wrote the script for another director. When it did not happen, it came to him. He also said that the character of Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan is purely fictional. Shaji Kailas reiterated that Jose has the right to take any action but both are two films.

Shaji Kailas said that he met Jose during the shooting of the FIR movie. He also revealed that Ranji Panicker would later tell him more about Jose. ‘My friend is taking me to Jose. It was to see if it was possible to shoot there. I loved him and the house. And talked to Jose for a while. After that I told Ranji that I had seen such a person.

Later, in a discussion with Ranji Panicker, Jose decides to make a film about his life. The film is produced by Ashirvad with Mohanlal in the lead role. The character was decided to be directed by Shaji Kailas. Planter was the character of Kuruvachan. For some reason the movie didn’t happen. Director, actor and screenwriter Ranji Panicker said in an interview with Manorama Online that the character of Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan was made in a film made for Mohanlal 20 years ago. Ranji Panicker said that Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan is not a character creation of anyone and he is still living in Kottayam.

The first movie to be announced was Tiger, directed by Shaji Kailas and starring Prithviraj. The screenplay was by Jinu Abraham. The first look poster of the movie has also been released. After that, another film is announced as Suresh Gopi’s 250th film. The motion teaser of the movie directed by Mathews has been released.

However, Jinu Abraham filed a case against the film alleging that his character was plagiarized. Subsequently, the court banned the film which was declared as Suresh Gopi’s 250th film. Jinu has produced in court the documents showing that the name of the character, Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan, was registered under the Copyright Act.

The plaintiffs informed the court that all the scenes in the screenplay of the tiger, including the grandson of the character, were registered separately. The documents were also produced in court. Considering this, the court banned Suresh Gopi’s film. However, with the decision not to release the films without his permission, both the films came to a standstill when Kuruvinachan, the central character in the story, came on the scene.


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