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Robot Chicken Season 10 Episode 13 Features a Killer Stephen King Bit


Robot Chicken aired its midseason finale in a totally different world from the one we’re living in now. Sure, the award-winning stop-motion animated series did get to enjoy two holiday specials on either side of the pandemic divide, but Season 10, Part 2 is about to arrive in a time when we desperately need some easy laughs. I’m happy to say that Robot Chicken is here to deliver on that account.

If you’ve been watching the Adult Swim series from the beginning back in 2005, or if you hopped on board anywhere along the way, honestly, you know what you’re getting with the recurring comedy series: Pop culture send-ups that include both deep cuts and the latest fads, all twisted and turned in totally wrong ways that you just can’t help but laugh at. Even as the team approaches their 200th episode, due to arrive next month, they still find plenty of material to mine and deliver a seemingly endless stream of visual gags. True, most of those gags have something to do with either nudity or bodily fluids (or, more often than not, both), but hey, at least you know what you get with Robot Chicken.

The trend continues in the second half of Season 10. There are bits you’ll recognize right off the bat, a few you may have to Google, and some you might even have to ask a member of the next generation up or down if it’s not ringing any bells. There are even pleasant surprises like spoilers: Koosh balls and a great Stephen King stinger to end the first episode. When it comes to Robot Chicken laughs, you know ’em, you love ’em, and now you’ve got some more of ’em.

Grade: B+


Image via Adult Swim, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Season 10 Part 2 kicks off with back-to-back episodes starting Sunday night, June 28th at midnight. Here’s a look at what you can expect, via Adult Swim:

During “Max Caenen in: Why Would He Know If His Mother’s A Size Queen,” the Lady of the Lake gives Percival some trouble when he goes to return Excalibur to her. The Robot Chicken crew shows what Dumbledore sees when he looks into the Mirror of Desire. Professor X reveals how the X-Men first discovered their powers. And Garfield gets buried in the pet cemetery.


Stay tuned for “Petless M in: Cars are Couches of the Road,” as The RC writers imagine Harry Potter as a 70’s sitcom. The future looks bleak for Nostradamus’s assistant. We answer the question of what’s underneath Abe Lincoln’s hat. And the Jonas brothers learn they are more than just brothers.

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