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Season 2 Release Date On Netflix?


Another Life is an American Sci-Fi drama web series crafted by Aaron Martin. The series first season was premiered on 25 July 2019 on Netflix. The series was announced for its second season in October 2019. The production of the series held in British Columbia and Canada


Season two of Another life series will release at the end of 2020, or in early 2021. The creators of the show need time. The filming of season two was expected to start in March 2020 but due to the ongoing pandemic, it is delayed.


  • Katee Sackhoff as Niko Breckinridge
  • Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallance
  • Samuel Anderson as William
  • Blu Hunt as August Catawnee
  • A.J. Rivera as Bernie Martinez
  • Selma Blair as Harper Glass
  • Elizabeth Ludlow As Cas Isakovic
  • Jake Abel As Sasha Harrison
  • Tongayi Chirisa As Richard Ncube
  • Lina Renna As Jana Breckinridge-Wallace
  • JayR Tinaco As Zayn Petrossian


In the previous season, we saw that a flying object from the sky landed on Earth and grows a crystal shell. A scientist whose name is Erik Wallace (played by Justin Chatwin) appointed by the United States Interstellar Command, unsuccessful to find a way to connect with an alien. After that Wallace’s wife, Captain Niko (played by Katee Sackhoff) takes the spacecraft and its crew to find out from where the artifact had come ?.

In season 2 we will see that Captain Niko is flying in space and her husband Erik is raising their children and lead his expedition back on Earth.

Viewers will also see that the aliens Niko will discover are not the friendly one
must wait until its launch to understand what’s going to happen next.

There’s also the question about the new A.I William that was unintentionally invented, Is the new William peaceful or is she also determined on killing the Salvare crew?

Now, there are so many questions in the viewer’s mind.


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