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Season 5? This Character Might Die! What’s Known


Here is what might happen in the fifth season of Riverdale!

All the people who watch Riverdale happened to get so shocked when they witnessed Archie Andrews sharing quite a passionate kiss with Betty Cooper, his childhood friend. But, this might lead to some other direction as fan theories have started to speculate that this might be the end of Jughead Jones because Archie wants to remove him from the bigger picture.

It was disappointing when the fourth season of this iconic show came to an end before it was expected to. This happened because everyone was forced to stop the process of filming because of the pandemic, which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus. Riverdale is shared by two big platforms.

People think Jughead Jones might die, and here is why!

First is The CW, and then it comes upon the streaming giant Netflix. The last season of it ended on a mysterious note, and it sent the mysterious videotapes to the people who live in Riverdale. Mind you, and these tapes were quite disturbing. But there surely was a second plot that was left on an unfinished note. Fans are now eager to know more about it.

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We saw that Jughead Jones was trying to find out what tye students of Stonewell Prep were about to do and why they actually tried to kill him, he faked his death. All this while, he was hiding in an underground bunker and making others believe that he has died, his girlfriend Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews started fake dating.

Fan theories say that Archie Andrews might kill Jughead for real for Betty Cooper!

They were forced to act like a couple and fake to be in love while holding hands a few times. As a result of this, they started getting close and opened up about personal feelings. But as of right now, it seems that these emotions were not, after all, fake.

Well, most of the fans think that Archie likes Betty and will not be able to stand the thought of her getting back to Jughead once the situation calms down, and the mission is complete, and that is why he might kill him.


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