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Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer Teases Devolver Digital 2021 Release

Oh boy, the Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay trailer from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital is here. The latest trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 arrived on Saturday during the Devolver Direct 2020 event on Twitch. We got a brief preview of Shadow Warrior 3 thanks to a cheeky teaser trailer released earlier this week, but nothing could have prepared us for all the blood, weapons, and sass packed into this latest look.

The gameplay trailer released at the Devolver Direct event on Saturday makes good on the promises of the teaser trailer. This trailer comes packed to the brim with action, featuring close-up shots as the variety of fantastical demons you’ll face, the weapons you can use to help you defeat them, a gunplay preview, and the out-of-control melee combat mode. You get to see all of the action unfold through the point-of-view of Shadow Warrior 3 hero Lo Wang. If you listen closely, you can hear some of the choice remarks Lo Wang fires off during battle, including the very memorable, “I think I just peed a little!” as he swings around to shoot the head off of a giant villain. This is the stuff of dreams, my friends!

Shadow Warrior 3 is expected in 2021. Check out the action-packed, gleefully gory trailer below. Right now, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

And here’s the story so far, via the Shadow Warrior 3 official site:

Shadow Warrior 3 launches the offbeat first-person shooter series to the next level with a seamless blend of fast-paced gunplay, razor-sharp melee combat, and a spectacular free-running movement system.


Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again. All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to hold off the impending cataclysm.

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