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Shame on government people for embellishing incompetence: Joy Mathew | Joy Mathew | Swapna Suresh | Gold Smuggling | Entertainment News

The head went down. Our ISRO is a space research organization that has proven itself to be the envy of even developed nations. When the Government of Kerala organized an International Space Conclave in Kovalam, Swapna Suresh was appointed to present a gift to MC Dutton, the Chief Minister’s Adviser and a senior ISRO scientist who participated in it. Is there anything more insulting to a scientist than this?

The dispute as to whether the person has passed Class X or not can be left out of the matter. But with all their other qualifications, the government insulted that scientist we are proud of. With such qualifications, she had become the main character in a case being investigated by the crime branch. It is a shame for the people to see a government that sees incompetence and incompetence as a decoration rather than merit.

It is true that education is not the only criterion for evaluating a person. We are surrounded by many farmers, workers, traders, artists, political and social activists who have not had the opportunity to get a sophisticated education, and have feathers of excellence. But what about a people’s government that is 100 percent literate, with crocodiles who have acquired the skills to get better jobs through illegal means and to trap innocents through fake cases?

In a country with so many people as the epitome of learning, knowledge and self-effort, a government that pretends to be progressive does not understand the point of taking such people along. Or will this be a progressive and revolutionary style?

Last but not least, the criterion is self – efficacy. Because everyone says that the positions are the ones that Swapna Suresh has earned through his own efforts.

What will be the guts of such people in Kerala at a time when they are leaving MT and MBA with taxis, bringing food from hotels and leaving the country hoping to be able to carry the burden abroad? How do you do all this cool stuff and get rid of clutter you don’t need to write a PSC exam (don’t tell its story)? Or is this paradoxical materialism?

Knowing the basic qualifications of those who can be recruited directly in many places where they can be recruited directly by the government, it is doubtful whether they want to live in Kerala or in space.


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