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Space Force Bloopers: Steve Carell, John Malkovich and More Laugh It Up


Blooper reels are good and fun! It’s fun to watch funny people boink up their jobs, do goofy bits with each other, heighten a moment past the point of usable absurdity, and make each other laugh! I like blooper reels, and I like the blooper reel for Netflix’s Space Force! BLOOPER REELS!!!

Ahem. Anyway. It’s especially satisfying to watch this reel because, in addition to comedy superstars like Steve CarellBen SchwartzTawny Newsome, and Jimmy O. Yang delivering what you might typically expect from a “comedy cast blooper reel,” you also have wild card John Malkovich in the mix. The man is not typically known for television comedy, and just like the unorthodox energy he delivers in the show itself, his presence gives the blooper reel a newfound energy you just won’t find in, say, an Office blooper reel. I especially implore you to watch until the end, as Malkovich stings the whole piece with a delightfully committed impression of a wildly specific figure I was simply not prepared for, and it is now stuck in my head forever (no spoilers). Plus: There is some genuinely delightful throwback “Carell screaming” energy in this piece, and Schwartz continues to be the master of “improvised stream-of-consciousness.”

Check out the first season blooper reel for Space Force below, and be sure to make it to the end for Malkovich’s killer stinger. For more feel-good bloopers, here’s a roundup of some of our favorites! And here’s our Space Force interview with Mr. Malkovich himself.

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