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‘Stranger Things 3’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Reminds You Why It’s Great

Stranger Things 3, released on Netflix last summer, was an undeniable blast. It elevated everything that people loved about the show – the emotionality, the visual spectacle, the crunchy synth accompaniment (and equally amazing soundtrack cuts) – with a more sophisticated storyline, more complicated character work, and more fun. Plus, there was so much around the show that was equally incredible, like the resurrection of New Coke, the Scoops Ahoy pop-ups and the incredible promotional tie-ins (the Levi’s collection was a personal favorite). Ah, last summer, when we weren’t fighting a pandemic and corrupt police system at the same time, was so good.

And given Stranger Things’ propensity for nostalgia (and, of course, the upcoming Emmy voting), Netflix has released a nearly 10-minute long behind-the-scenes video on Twitter, complete with soundbites from creators The Duffer Brothers, executive producer Shawn Levy, and many members of the cast (including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke). They discuss the larger scale of the production, the decision to make Billy the Big Bad, and the thematic undercurrents they were looking to explore this time around. If you weren’t already thinking about how much you love and miss Stranger Things, this should do the trick.

While the video doesn’t tease Stranger Things 4 (sorry!), we do know that the scripts have been completed and everything is ready to go. But with the coronavirus still out of control in the United States and Stranger Things’ commitment to filming in Atlanta, it might be a little while before the kids reassemble to play Dungeons & Dragons or sling ice cream at the local mall. But hey, the extended downtime just gives you more time to re-watch every season. *Cue ominous 80s-sounding score*

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