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Tenet Spoiler May Be Hidden in Official Site for Christopher Nolan Movie


It’s very possible a new Tenet spoiler has appeared on the official site for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie which is, in fact, a two-hour brain teaser. It would seem Nolan has been talking to his brother, Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan, on the best way to drive prospective viewers up the wall through vague, enigmatic clues sprinkled throughout transmedia marketing tactics. Even if this isn’t the case, applause is still owed to Nolan and Warner Bros. because this possible spoiler is the most interesting plot twist I’ve seen in the Nolan-verse in a long time.

The potential clue was spotted by Twitter user @antovolk (via GamesRadar), who tweeted out a link to the Tenet official site which now has an updated — and intriguing — link preview when shared on social media. The photo which pops up features the recently released John David Washington two-fer poster, but, instead of the title reading “Tenet”, printed underneath is the phrase: “We live in a twilight world and there are no friends at dusk.”

I put on my sleuth cap and clicked on the Tenet official site link to see what’s going on with this possible spoiler business. What exactly does it mean to live in “a twilight world”? Is this Pattinson’s doing? Is Tenet a sequel to Twilight and we’ve just haven’t been seeing it this entire time?

Clicking on the link will take you to a landing page where you’ll be told to enable audio and microphone capabilities. From there, you hear Martin Donovan‘s voice from the Tenet trailer about being given one word. The implication here is you are encouraged to say the word “tenet,” which then activates a very brief trailer featuring footage we’ve already seen. After that, if you say the word “twilight,” (Well, I could only get results saying “twilight” and was unable to get any results saying “twilight world.”) you’ll be taken to a page which features the phrase “and there are no friends at dusk” and offers you a downloadable GIF of the most recent (and aforementioned) poster.


Image via Warner Bros.

What’s interesting about the GIF is that, unlike the poster, it’s clear there are doorways or portals in the background and what looks like people running through them. It’s very possible these doorway portals are part of the key to unlocking the mystery of inversion which is at the heart of Tenet‘s plot. But, we won’t actually be able to confirm that until Tenet hits theaters (maybe) in mid-August.

Tenet is still scheduled to plunge us into a twilight world for release on Wednesday, August 12. Get even more updates on all things Nolan right here.

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