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The grief of the widow will be understood; I don’t think the organization will leave: Rima | Entertainment | Entertainment News

Actress Reema Kallingal responds to Widow Vincent issue in connection with WCC. Rima’s response was in an interview with True Copy Think Media. Rima says that Vidhu is like Vincent’s sister and is not a person who can be considered a bitch when she leaves. Their words are as follows:

‘Ready to discuss with the widow. Everyone, whether Anjali or Parvati, has tried to contact the widow. Constantly. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. That Sisterhood was so important to us. It was a sisterhood we had never experienced. I’m sorry to hear that. This is personal to me, even when it is said that the organization is not an individual. I called and talked when the widow resigned, and will still speak.

I never thought that a widow could leave the WCC as a person, as a woman, or as a feminist. The widow’s contribution to the building of the WCC can never be erased. I believe Vidhu is now speaking from an environment of deep pain, ‘says Rima in a lengthy interview.

Rima says it was not their agenda to get people to answer the question that only 50 people have been members of the organization in 4 years. Rima’s response to the widow’s allegations is as follows: Parvati and Siddique did not say that they should not act together. Neither Parvati nor Vidhu was told. The WCC never says so. It’s just a collective with no subscriptions or membership fees – says Rima.


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