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The Office Spin-Off: Release Date? Plans? And Characters Revealed

It would not be an exaggeration to say that The Office is one of the most popular television series of 21st Century. With a total of nine seasons and 201 episodes, The Office has transcends itself into the popular culture. It was an adaptation of the television series that was premiered on BBC earlier in 2001. This sitcom series had ended in the year 2013 and its last episode was seen by more than five million.

After the end of this popular series, many fans are wondering about the possible spin-off this sitcom. To add more fuel in these ongoing speculations, more often the rumors about the spin-off circulate on the internet. Sometimes, the creators of The Office have also shared their wish to make a spin-off on different occasions. Here are some of the latest developments that have happened regarding the spin-off of this sitcom series.

Will There Be A Spin-Off Series Of “The Office”?

Earlier this month, an article was published by a reliable news outlet about some developments going on for a spin-off series. But before the fans started dreaming about the spin-off series of their all-time favorite sitcom, let us warn you that nothing concrete has been announced about this so far.

At this moment we only know that the crowd-funding campaign for the spin-off has been started in the first week of July this earlier. So only the success of this campaign could decide about The Office’s spin-off series.

On Which Character The Spin-Off Will Be Based?

The spin-off, if it would happen, will be about Stanley Hudson. Remember that guy from The Office who used to solve crossword puzzles and slept during the meetings? Yes, that character portrayed by Leslie David Baker. For campaign purpose, the provisional name of this spin-off is ‘Uncle Stan’.

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