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The Twelve Review and Ending Explained


The Twelve is a ten episode courtroom drama that released on Netflix. Unlike every other courtroom drama that depicts the point of view of either the victim or their lawyer, The Twelve is different. The Twelve strikes a different cord with the audience and that sticks around to do good for the show. It is being appreciated for its unique storytelling technique.

The Twelve Review

Courtroom dramas very rarely put emphasis on the lives of the jurors but that is  what makes The Twelve different from the rest. The Twelve skillfully intertwines both narratives. The show comprises of ten episodes which narrate a double homicide that has been pinned on one woman, Frie Palmers. Palmers is actually a headmistress who has reportedly killed her best friend Brechtje and daughter Rose. Other than then main plot there are sub-plots supporting the show and adding to the suspense element.

Every episode starts and ends with a bang, a huge revelation. The audience is never fully aware of what is happening. The parts within the court are well put across and shine. There are twists and turns in every episode but the fact that the makers have given everyone a voice enables the viewer to see all sides to a story.

Jurors are meant to keep their personal prejudices and biases aside while making a decision but the show asserts that it isn’t possible as every human being carries their own baggage. Molly keeps a secret from everyone in the group. Delphine is stuck in toxic relationship with her husband Mike. Yuri’s world goes for a toss post an accident at his construction company. Arnold is struggling to get a grip on his life. Noel fights against his addictions and Carl has problems with his daughter.

The Twelve focuses on different perspectives rather than one particular point of view. The show is enjoyable and surely keeps you thinking. It is a must watch weekend binge and totally worth the trouble it gives your mind.

The Twelve Ending Explained

The Twelve puts alot of pressure on the jurors and for those who enjoy armchair detectives, The Twelve is their best shot at it. The narrative is structured in such a manner that the viewers feel every jolt and bout of insecurity that the jurors do. The plot is left hanging at points that make the viewers want to claw their hair out. The jurors’ pre-verdict decision speaks alot about them and how they judge the suspects but what each individual juror took as their decision is a mystery at large.

The Twelve ends with the jurors deciding not in favor of Frie. She is charged guilty of killing her best friend Brechtje but is innocent when it comes to her own daughter’s murder. In the last few minutes, Frie’s attorney finds the missing gloves which were utilized for her daughter’s murder in one of her old books. This is a confirmation that Frie actually killed her daughter.

Frie is then sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and Steefan walks away scot free. The show gives the viewers to step into the shoes of the jurors. We are given the opportunity to draw out our own conclusions.


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