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Things You Definitely Missed In Season 4


American teen drama 13 Reasons Why streamed on Netflix for four seasons before the show bid goodbye to the fans. The series started to premiere on Netflix in 2017. The show has been popular amongst the viewers, but it has been part of controversies. The fourth season of the season premiered in 2020. 

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Things You Definitely Missed In Season 4

The fourth season of 13 Reasons Why ended with all the characters finally burying the past, and finally moving forward with their lives. But a few characters were missing from the final season of the show. 

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Ending Explained: Who Survived The Netflix ...

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Hannah Baker Was Missing From The Final Season

The series revolved around the tapes Hannah left. But she was missing from the last season of the show. Katherine Langford, who portrayed the role of Hannah Baker, recently revealed the reason for her absence from the final season. The actress was busy filming for another Netflix film, so she could not be a part of the final season.

Who Else Was Missing From The Final Season Of 13 Reasons Why?

Sheri Holland and Marcus Cole were named in the tapes that Hannah had left. But both the characters were missing from the final season of the show. It is not known why Ajiona Alexus as Sheri Holland and Steven Silver as Marcus Cole returned for the final season.

What Is The Premise Of 13 Reasons Why?

The series follows the lives of the students who study at Liberty High School. Hannah Baker, a student at the school, ends her life and leaves seven tapes for Clay Jenson. On these tapes, Hannah has revealed 13 reasons why she took the extreme step of ending her life. She has blamed a number of students at Liberty High School for her step. Each individual mentioned on the tape is brought to a trial. Throughout the series, Clay and the fellow students at the school cope up with the aftermaths of the tape recordings. In the end, the students graduate from the school and look forward to starting a new life.

The series has been created by Brian Yorkey. The fans will miss the show.


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