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Twister Reboot In the Works with Top: Gun Maverick Director

twister-bill-paxton-helen-hunt-sliceUniversal has decided to reboot the classic 1990s disaster movie Twister, although it remains to be seen whether the studio is in it for the money and not the science. Variety reports that Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski will take on the new tornado film.

My colleague Tom Reimann described it in much more detail right here, but 1996’s Twister is truly one of the most deliriously stupid joy rides in summer blockbuster history. That is a compliment. The original film was directed by Jan de Bont, the man behind Speed, inarguably the best movie ever made about Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock keeping a bus above a certain miles-per-hour lest it explode. Twister, the filmmaker’s direct follow-up, maintained that exact energy, casting Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as an on-the-rocks married pair of storm chasers on the trail of a record-setting tornado season. With Steven Spielberg onboard as executive producer and Michael Crichton writing the script, Twister not only notched $494 million at the worldwide box office, but remains a major stand-out of a movie era chock-full of disaster movies. (All due respect to Volcano.)

Kosinski first broke through with Tron: Legacy in 2010, followed up by the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi action flick Oblivion, based on the director’s own graphic novel. Kosinski’s relationship with Cruise continued with Top: Gun Maverick, the years-in-the-making Top Gun sequel that’s currently set to hit theaters on December 23, 2020. For more on that film—and to get an idea of the level of action Kosinski could bring to his Twister reboot—here’s the latest trailer.

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