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Vidhu Vincent on Parvathy no longer responding to her script

After resigning, Vidhu Vincent had raised critical allegation towards Women in Cinema Collective for it is ‘dounle requirements’. She additionally strongly criticised actress Parvathy for humiliating her.

In the Facebook publish, Vidhu Vincent published that she had approached Parvathy for ‘Stand Up’. Her publish in Malayalam may well be translated as, “I decided to seek help from some of my friends in the industry as I was worried whether my movie would get stalled. That is how met —(I am avoiding the name as the person is not significant in this post). However, he refused saying that he himself is struggling. I called — as well to enquire whether he could find someone who could finance my movie which required a small budget. But, I understood that it wouldn’t work out as he was already busy with some ongoing projects. I had become hopeless and even contemplated quitting cinema to seek some other jobs. I called film makers including Jayaraj to enquire whether I could work in the production of their movies.”

Vidhu, additional discussed that the quest for a manufacturer led her to method Parvathy.

“A friend who is in the Gulf offered to produce the movie along with three of his other friends. They said they could produce it on larger canvas if Parvathy is casted. I gave the script to Parvathy and waited for six months. I had mentioned this in a conversation to Anjali and she had asked Parvathy about it. When I contacted Parvathy as instructed by Anjali, she said she could meet me on the sets of Uyare. So, I visited her on the sets and she said she would decide after reading the script. However, I decided to give up as she didn’t respond at all,” says Vidhu.

“I cannot even think of the insult that I felt when I thought that I am someone who doesn’t deserve even a ‘No’. I gathered all the confidence and decided to go forward with the project and approached Nimisha and Rajisha. I cannot explain how relaxed I felt when they came onboard. When I had thought that things were finally falling into place, one of the investors had faced some unexpected financial crises and backed out of the project. By that time, I had already fixed the cast and the technical team. They had even begun the pre-production works. The first look poster of the movie was released. But, we were facing a severe crisis as we couldn’t begin the filming without the required money at hand. The artists and technicians had given their dates for the month of June in 2019. I frantically approached and called lots of people including Anjali. I gratefully remember how Anjali had made some enquiries for me and had even called people on my behalf,” wrote Vidhu.


Finally, B Unnikrishnan agreed to supply the film along side Anto Joseph and the movie had hit the displays in December 2019.


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