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When Selena Gomez Almost Married Bill Murray! Throwback!


Last year, in May, the actress and pop singer Selena Gomez was in the eye of the hurricane. This was because she announced that she was marrying Bill Murray who was 42 years older than her.

Here is how all the rumors went around social media!

During their time on the red carpet, Selena Gomez and Bill Murray attracted a lot of attention for their affectionate gestures. This led to some people publishing on the internet that between them, there was something more than just being a co-actors.

And when at night at the Cannes festival, everyone saw them holding hands, leaving the  Agora restaurant, the rumors multiplied.

Selena Gomez was aware of what has been rumored. And after a day, she used her Instagram profile to share unbelievable information with her fans.

“My first time in Cannes! I am honored to have been part of this film with Jim (Jarmusch, the director) and the entire cast. By the way, Bill Murray and I are getting married, “ wrote Selena Gomez along with several photos of his time at the festival.

After this fact, a possible affair between these two celebrities was suspected on the internet. The social media was flourishing with the comments on their marriage. Some said they will look cute together while some said he is too old for her.
Although many people thought it was a joke, it managed to benefit their movie ” The Dead Don’t Die”.

Where the rumors of Selena and Bill Murray getting married true?

But apparently, the rumors came to be false. And the only reason that came to be known for sharing this false marriage information was that the singer and actress noticed the great interest generated by her closeness to Murray and for this reason, she decided to play a prank on her followers.

So, the photos and its caption of getting married to her co-actor was just an advertisement for her film. For now, Selena is happy being single and it seems that she doesn’t have any plans to get married.


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