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When Will The Reunion Special Appear On HBO Max?


When last year, a reputed media outlet break the news of a possible FRIENDS Reunion, millions of fans of this sitcom had started waiting eagerly for this reunion since then. This year in the month of February, Warner Bros. also confirmed that they are going to develop this reunion. But in the very next month, the scheduled plans of this reunion had to be postponed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Since then, every other day, some tabloids are coming up with a new story about the release date or cast or filming of this reunion. It is not surprising as FRIENDS is among the most popular series ever made. Spanning over a decade, with ten seasons and 236 episodes, FRIENDS has established a legacy and passed itself into the popular culture of our generation. So, this kind of viral speculation was expected.

Here are some of the latest developments about the filming and release date of Friends Reunion that you should know.

When Will The Reunion Special Appear On HBO Max?

Initially, it was scheduled to film on 23rd and 24th of March but, unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that did not happen and the filming had to be canceled. Recently, one of the Friends star David Schwimmer has hinted that the filming for the Reunion could start in August. But the pandemic factor would be the fulcrum of this possible initiation for production. The filming will only start if the condition would be normalized and it would be safe to do so.

What Is Expected From This Special Friends Reunion?

One thing towards which maNY stars have hinted that the reunion will be unscripted. David Schwimmer has said this in an interview. Some times before, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow had also hinted towards it. The Special Reunion of FRIENDS that will come out on HBO Max would literally be the first reunion of the cast members after more than a decade.


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