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Where is Porter Stansberry now? Unsolved Mysteries boss did communicate to Rey Rivera’s buddy

The disappearance after which dying of Rey Rivera has were given to be probably the most perplexing tales in Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries.

Rivera, a 32-year-old newlywed and aspiring display screen creator, used to be remaining observed alive on 16th May 2006, sooner than his frame used to be discovered six days later in an deserted room within the second-story annex of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore.

Since his dying, a couple of theories were circulating, particularly round Rey Rivera’s word. His spouse Allison discovered a ordinary letter, which many have related to the Freemasons, some detectives have speculated he used to be dropped from a helicopter, and others imagine the entire thing used to be staged.

Another concept revolving round Rivera’s dying is that he will have misplaced any individual cash, following his paintings with Agora Inc, with whom his buddy Porter Stansberry’s corporate is affiliated with.

At the start of the episode, Allison discussed that Stansberry presented a £1000 praise for someone who may have observed Rivera all the way through the times of his disappearance.

However, the display means that he hasn’t made any longer feedback and he maintains his privateness.

That is till lately, because the display’s co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer has now printed she did in truth talk to Stansberry about Rey’s disappearance.

Speaking at the You Can’t Make This Up podcast, Meurer defined: “I actually personally spoke to Porter Stansberry and asked him to interview for the episode. We had a long conversation and he declined to be interviewed ultimately. He said they recommended to their employees to not speak to the media because they wanted the entire situation to just die down and not make it a big media event.”

She persisted: “He would say he didn’t put a gag order on his employees but in the piece as you know Mike [Michael] Baier the detective tried to reach out and couldn’t get cooperation from many of the people he tried to speak to. I feel like Mike felt like he hit a brick wall.”

unsolved mysteries Rey Rivera

Rey Rivera and Porter Stansberry

According to Meurer, Stansberry made additional claims about Allison and Rivera’s marriage and had instructed the media that they’d been having remedy, which used to be unfaithful.

She added: “One of the things that was very troubling to Allison that she told me about was that he [Porter Stansberry] did speak to the media very early on, but what he said was Rey and Allison had been in therapy, which was not true, that Rey had some psychological issues which is not true. There is no one that we spoke to that supported that idea and Allison was very troubled by the fact that he’d say that to the media, because that was one of the things that probably made the police head in the direction of, ‘Oh this is just a suicide’.”

Rey Rivera

Rey Rivera and his spouse Allison

In 2005, Rivera left his process at Agora Inc. He and Allison later moved to Baltimore with Allison, the place running with Stansberry, who had his personal monetary e-newsletter trade.

Rivera helped the trade in numerous capacities as a creator and freelance videographer.

On the week of his disappearance, Rivera’s house alarm went off two occasions. And at the evening he went lacking, Rivera picked up a decision from paintings, however it used to be unattainable to decide who had referred to as him since the name got here from a switchboard.

As the case opened up, Stansberry used to be mentioned to have got a gag order to forestall workers from legally speaking about Rivera, consistent with the documentary.

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