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Why Riverdale Was Not Canceled By Netflix Despite Negative Ratings

Riverdale is a teen drama that has some sort of supernatural.elements as well based on the Archie Comic Books. The show initially, when launched got positive reviews from the viewers, and they loved the show, which led to the show getting renewed for more seasons.

It is a CW production but is available on the online streaming giant Netflix. And as the series continued its journey with four seasons, there was a drastic fall in tha ratings of the show which have now become detrimental.

Despite the fact where Netflix does not take even one percent of a chance to renew a show whose future is not bright, the fifth season of Riverdale was announced that is due to get launch by January 2021.

Plot of Riverdale TV Show

The story revolved around a character from the Archie comics in the town of Riverdale, and as the story progresses, it is found out that the image portrayed is not the real.identity. And because of the success of this show, the makers came up with another show related to the Archie Comic Books titled The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, which has now been canceled for further more seasons.

It came as a surprise because the show which still was better going than Riverdale got canceled but not the latter. So here we are to tell you the reason which is that Netflix only is responsible for airing the show, but the rights of the show is with CW.

Source: The CW

Reason Behind Why Netflix Did Not Cancel The Show

The show is produced by CW, and they stated that despite the show’s unfavorable ratings, it got renewed and is still running because of the earnings they get through the advertisements that run in between the episodes, which is a considerable sum of money. And this is why Riverdale has one more season in its kitty.

So it is upto you whether you want to watch it or not, neither Netflix can do anything about it. Ofcourse producing a show requires is a money game which requires investing huge sums and the returns must be reasonable; otherwise, you will have empty pockets. So this is, for now, the excellent fate of Riverdale, and we hope that the fifth season holds good and grabs the eyeballs of the viewers back again.

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