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Will You Have A Sequel At Netflix’s?


The Old Gaurd, the action-fantasy film on Netflix based on a comic-book of the same name. It released on the 10th of July on Netflix. The movie revolves around a group of old warriors who have regenerative abilities. After centuries they are being hunted by a pharmaceutical company to harness the secret of their power and thus, make a lot of money out of it. However, if you haven’t watched the movie already then go watch it coz we are going to discuss the sequel.

According to the plot, there is a lot left to tell. I cannot wait to know more about the Quynh story. Will she be the next antagonist? In fact, a sequel to the graphic novel, The Old Gaurd: Force Multiplied has already been released and could serve as a blueprint. Prior to the release, Theron, Layne, and Prince-Bythewood, all of them showed interest in making a sequel. They were pretty optimistic about it. Moreover, the ending of the movie does give a fine beginning to the sequel. It is certain that if people love the first part then they are going to want to see the next one too.

However, their optimism doesn’t make a sequel rather it more depends on us, the audience. As we know, Netflix only renews something if the audience wants it. So, if the movie receives sufficient viewership and performs well on the platform then, certainly there will be a sequel. In fact, the creators are planning it to be a trilogy if the audience supports it.

Being released on the 10th, Netflix hasn’t said anything about the possibility of a sequel. However, it looks like there will be a sequel as people seem to like it. Here are some comments in support of the movie.



Trends are certainly looking good in favor of the movie. I hope it gets renewed.


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